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FactoryCast Web Server

An open automation framework based on Internet technologies

Part of Modicon


FactoryCast Web Server
  • Features

    Seamless communication between plant floor and business systems

    • FactoryCast™ Web Server is a set of industrial Ethernet functions for Premium™ and Quantum™ Ethernet modules, the Momentum™ ENT communication adapter, and enhanced ConneXium™ hubs, switches and transceivers.
    • Eliminates proprietary barriers and allows business systems to access production data from anywhere in the world.
    • Capabilities include Modbus® TCP/IP for client-server messaging, I/O scanner for handling I/O devices, embedded web services for diagnostics and configuration, and a full set of Internet protocols.

    Publisher-Subscriber Protocol

  • Open standard provides "many to many" deterministic communications, synchronization of distributed applications, global availability of reliable information, automatic discovery and reconfiguration, and optimized traffic load — all without the need for network programming.

    Faulty Device Replacement

  • Automatic reconfiguration and network addressing of any device interruptions, improving productivity.

      Bandwidth Monitoring

    • Clearly determine the communication load that a device is exposed to and then tune it to achieve optimal performance.

        Enhanced network monitoring, web services, and diagnostics

      • Using standard Internet protocol (SNMP - Simple Network Management Protocol) and standard Network Management Software, every FactoryCast device allows access to its enhanced Management Information Base (MIB).
      • Monitors the device for network performance, and performs diagnostics on the operation of its services.

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