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Air Quality Sensors

North American air quality sensors detect CO fluctuations in a defined space to help customers ensure building occupant comfort and safety

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CO/NO2 transmitters detect fluctuations in CO/NO2 through signaling technology that allows an inlet of fresh air for optimal ventilation. The CO/NO2 transmitters ability to act on data that can vary the fan speed of the fresh air supply is both energy and cost efficient.

SCD Air Quality Sensor
  • Features

    Current switches are ideal for monitoring the status of electrical loads and exhaust fan and lighting run times. Current sensors and transducers are designed for load trending, motor control and fan/pump status. All components are available in a variety of amperage ranges and outputs.


    Schneider Electric’s Plant Room CO2 sensors maximize energy savings, while helping optimize ventilation. These sensors allow ventilation systems to be controlled by the amount of CO2 present in a space. The SCD Series detect fluctuations in CO2 levels and signal ventilation systems to provide an inlet of fresh air optimal for the space at a given time saving energy and increasing tenant comfort.


    • Controlling ventilation in response to occupancy
    • Office buildings, hospitals, industrial facilities, schools, retail stores, etc.
    • ASHRAE 62.1 air quality standard compliance


    • SCD Air Quality Sensor
    • SCR110 Air Quality Sensor
    • Air Quality Sensor

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