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Pressure Sensors

Wet and Dry Pressure Sensors for BMS applications

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Schneider Electric one-piece EP Dry Pressure Sensor measure static, differential pressure or velocity in duct and panel applications. These devices have an IP65/NEMA 4 environmental rating and 5-year limited warranty. The new EP Digital Pressure Transducer with LED display and temperature compensation circuitry can be used in a wide range of gas, liquid, or solid applications to help drive efficiencies and lower HVAC costs.

Pressure Sensors
  • Features

    Schneider Electric pressure sensors  deliver critical information about the physical environment up to the building management system.

    • Wet & Dry Pressure Transducers
    • Wet & Dry Pressure Switches
    • Air Velocity Sensor (new PX3)


    • Dry Pressure:
      • The all-in-one sensor you need for BMS applications: static, differential pressure or velocity, in both duct and panel configurations.
      • The high accuracy sensor and temperature compensation circuitry allow long-term, maintenance-free readings for an optimal regulation.
    • Wet Pressure:
      • Designed for accurate and reliable readings to help drive efficiency and lower HVAC costs, we offer a wide variety of gauges, differential pressure sensors, remote probes and flow switches.


    • Dry Pressure / Air Velocity Sensors
      • Duct Static Pressure
      • Room Pressure
      • Duct Velocity
      • VAV Box Velocity
      • Air Flow Measurement (AHU/RTU)
    • Dry Pressure Switches
      • High Duct Static Cut-Off
      • Filter Status
      • Fan Proof of Flow
      • Vacuum monitoring
    • Wet Pressure Sensors
      • Chiller / Boiler / Condenser pump control
      • Remote or Piped installation models
    • Wet Pressure Switches
      • High Pressure Cut-Off on pumps and compressors
    • Gauge Pressure Sensors
      • Chillers, Boilers, Condensers, Compressors monitoring


    • Pressure Sensor EPWR

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