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EcoStruxure™ Maintenance Advisor

Platform for Condition Based Maintenance

Maintenance Advisor is an IIoT platform for condition based maintenance and decision support, enabling profitable operations. Monitor asset health in real-time to provide early warning on impending failure and provide actionable alerts with recommended corrective action to support smart operational and maintenance decisions. Embedded workflow and ERP integration supports proactive action on decisions from anywhere.

EcoStruxure™ Maintenance Advisor
  • Features

    Measurable, Complete ROI with improved asset health monitoring

    By providing actionable, early insight into abnormal operating conditions across the plant, Maintenance Advisor asset management platform uniquely enables plant personnel to make smarter business and operating decisions and then act on them from anywhere.

    This one-of-a-kind predictive maintenance tool provides 100 percent ROI within three months of implementation.


    Unique Technical Features:

    • Real-time, automated asset condition monitoring for earlier insight and earlier alerts into emerging abnormal conditions
    • Common look and feel dashboard for better ease of use and improved user experience
    • Faster, automated diagnostics to understand potential causes and the ability to review historical data for better maintenance decisions
    • Clear and concise alerts, with better recommendations and better context around the status of the asset and the criticality of its condition, enables smarter, faster decisions
    • Mobility, enabling a quicker, more-informed response from anywhere
    • Embedded workflow and ability to be integrated with major ERP systems streamlines maintenance processes, eliminates paperwork and improves organizational effectiveness

    Maintenance Advisor brings in three functionalities:

    Maintenance Response Center

    Maintenance Response Center provides a Single Unified workspace for plant-wide assets, acting as a “command center for maintenance”.

    It offers real time asset health information in an intuitive, easy-to-understand way, with recommended corrective action to enable effective decisions. Context is added to alerts to indicate criticality levels, for example by using standard NAMUR 107, ISA 108 categories.

    Smart analytics and comparison with historical data for the operational life of an asset help identify failure modes, quality trends, and process issues to reduce time to repair and eliminate unnecessary trips to the field.

    Mobility brings the plant to a mobile workforce, empowering users with the capability to access anything anywhere.

    EcoStruxure™ Condition Advisor

    Condition Advisor is a vendor neutral condition monitoring platform, providing early insight into emerging abnormal asset conditions in real-time for increased awareness. Multiple built-in condition monitoring engines are available to automatically monitor the health of various assets in real time.

    In the case of intelligent automation assets, this condition monitoring is achieved by leveraging predictive context awareness available through communication protocols like HART and Fieldbus Foundation.

    Condition Advisor enables real-time, automated condition monitoring of any OPC DA-compliant asset, such as intelligent electronic devices, motor starters and drives.

    For non-intelligent automation assets, condition monitoring technologies may vary from a simple rule engine application to more advanced pattern recognition software.


    Embedded workflow and ERP integration to support proactive action on decisions from anywhere.

    The Workflow option provides tools to act on maintenance decisions. It helps to streamline processes and eliminate paperwork by digitizing maintenance activity assignment and tracking to the correct technician.


    Maintenance Advisor provides 100% ROI within three months of implementation by:

    • Improving the availability of your assets, avoiding asset failures and shortening scheduled downtime, leading to prevention of up to 1.5% impaired availability
    • Reducing overall operational risk, cost and inventory management, saving up to 30% of maintenance effort
    • Increasing efficiency through improved collaboration, fewer field trips, enhanced traceability and compliance


    EcoStruxure Maintenance Advisor is a platform independent and vendor neutral application. Connectors to 3rd party applications are provided.

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