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FA (F-frame) molded case circuit breakers and switches

FA, FH, FJ, FK, FY (F-frame) molded case circuit breakers and switches are pending obsolescence in 2018 to 2019.

Reductions in manufacturing capacity and component inventories will ramp down towards end of commercialization dates below. This page is designed to assist all customers using legacy F-frame circuit breakers with the transition to PowerPact B or other PowerPact circuit breakers. Refer to the timeline, tools and resources below to support you through the transition period.

FA (F-frame) molded case circuit breakers and switches
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    Transition Timeline

    As timelines are finalized, dates will be further clarified below.

    November 2016: Introduction of PowerPact B
    June 2017: Obsolescence of F-frame molded case circuit breakers and switches announced
    Q4 2018:
    PowerPact B enclosures available
    I-Line F-frame circuit breakers and switches no longer available for purchase
    Q2 2019: Unit mount F-frame circuit breakers and switches no longer available for purchase

    Finding a Replacement
    PowerPact B 15-125A Molded Case Circuit Breakers and switches are the designated replacement for F-frame applications. PowerPact B features increased capacity, a smaller size in unit mount, same size to ease retrofit in I-Line, and a flexible range of field-installable accessories, auxiliaries and operators.

    Tools and Resources:

    Breaker Substitution

    Replacing a F-Frame Unit Mount/Enclosure Installation
    Your current F-frame unit mount/enclosure application may require minor adjustments to accommodate PowerPact B due to the smaller physical size of the new circuit breaker.
    Two adapter plates are available:  

    • HJKADAPT: Screw mounted substitution of F-frame circuit breakers
    • LV426995: F-frame to PowerPact B-frame 9421 Rotary Handle Conversion Plate Kit

      This plate conversion also requires a new 9421LB7 operating mechanism and one new shaft kit: 9421LS8 or 9421LS13.

    Replacing an F-frame I-Line Installation
    No adaption is required if you have an I-Line application. F-frame and PowerPact B I-Line circuit breakers are the same size to ease the retrofit process.

    Schneider Electric is committed to supporting your business. Please contact your Schneider Electric representative for further information or to work together in developing modernization plans. 

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