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MasterPact MTZ Circuit Breakers - UL/ANSI

LV power circuit breakers from 800 A to 6000 A

Part of Pact Series

MasterPact MTZ offers a complete range with 1 family, 3 frame sizes and multiple ratings designed to protect electrical systems from damage caused by overloads, short circuits and equipment ground faults.

MasterPact MTZ Circuit Breakers - UL/ANSI
  • Features


    MasterPact MTZ offers a complete range with 1 family, 3 frame sizes and multiple ratings to meet your requirements for ANSI C37/UL 1066 and UL 489 applications.

    • Rated current: 800 to 6000 A
    • Breaking capacity: 42 to 200 kA at 480 Vac
    • Voltage rating: up to 600 Vac
    • 3 frame sizes: MasterPact MTZ1 from 600 to 1600 A; MasterPact MTZ2 from 800 to 4000 A; MasterPact MTZ3 from 4000 to 6000 A
    • Draw out and fixed mount
    • 3 pole and 4 pole construction

    Optimized selection of 3 advanced MicroLogic X control units for advanced protection, measurement and diagnostic functions. MicroLogic X control units can be customized with optional Digital Modules for enhanced protection and operations.

    • MicroLogic 3.0 X - LI (Long time and Instantaneous)
    • MicroLogic 5.0 X - LSI (Long time, Short time and Instantaneous)
    • MicroLogic 6.0 X - LSI (Long time, Short time, Instantaneous and Ground Fault)
    • Built-in Class 1 accuracy active power and energy measurement
    • Switch disconnectors version available
    • Full range of field-installable auxiliaries and accessories


    MasterPact MTZ circuit breakers are Future Ready and contribute to safety and reliability of electrical installations. Thanks to proven performance and incorporating the latest digital technologies.

    Installation-ready (same frame sizes as NT & NW series)
    Simple retrofit thanks to identical sizes, power connections and thermal properties as for the MasterPact NW and NT ranges.

    Connectivity-ready (MTZ mobile app, native Ethernet)
    MasterPact circuit breakers with MicroLogic X control units provide simple and reliable access to data from a smartphone or PC.
    The following connectivity is offered:
    * Direct Ethernet through IFE or EIFE interface
    * MasterPact MTZ Mobile App through Bluetooth low energy or NFC

    Energy efficiency-ready (built-in class 1 power meter)
    Advanced MicroLogic X control unit can assist in providing corrective, preventive and predictive maintenance and energy management to identify potential savings.

    Upgrade-ready (customizable with digital modules)
    MicroLogic X control units can be customized with optional Digital Modules to provide advance protection, metering, diagnostics, communication, and remote operation.

    Integration-ready (in EcoStruxure Power architecture)
    MasterPact MTZ is a part of EcoStruxure Power – Schneider Electric’s open, interoperable, IoT-enabled system architecture.

    Environment-ready (can withstand harsh environments)

    Discover MasterPact MTZ. Learn how you can be future ready today.


    Suitable in most applications for the protection, measurement, monitoring and quality of energy of LV electrical systems. This includes generator protection and motor protection, in standard applications and heavy-duty applications demanding high performance, and ideal for:

    • Data centers and Cloud
    • Healthcare: hospitals
    • Industry: mining operations, minerals, metals, and cement production, water and wastewater industry, automotive, food and beverage, etc.
    • Oil & Gas: extraction and processing, chemicals industries
    • Infrastructure: airports, railways, subways, tunnels, power plants, etc.
    • Buildings: commercial buildings, hotels, offices

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