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Preventa XPS Universal

Preventa XPS Universal safety modules

Part of Harmony

Preventa XPS Universal safety modules are the first choice for managing single safety functions easily, typically in machines of simple to medium complexity

Preventa XPS Universal
  • Features

    Preventa XPS Universal combines the simplicity of application of hardwired safety modules with a diversity of messages, which has required in the past more complex and expensive fieldbus technology:

    • With a simple point-to-point connection between the solid state output of the modules and a standard digital input of a PLC via a simple wire, Preventa XPS Universal modules can forward more than 40 different messages (amount of messages is depending on the type)!
    • With above messages it is possible to reduce the down time of the machine, due to more accurate information on the root cause of a production stop
    • With a smart auxiliary output the modules moreover provide information about upcoming test cycles and the amount of remaining cycles before reaching end of life time.

    This tremendous approach is basing on pulse coding and decoding with a function block, which has to be integrated in the controller´s program. For Preventa XPS Universal is a library available, providin