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Surgelogic Type POESE offers surge protection on category 6 power over ethernet transmission line applications for loads up to 0.75 A.

Type POESE is a Surge Protective Device for Data Circuit Protection (SPD/DCP). This module helps to protect critical video, security and computing equipment from damaging surges, transients and circulating ground currents.

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  • Features

    • Operating Current: 0.75 A
    • Operating Voltage: 48 VDC
    • Clamping Voltage: 68 VDC
    • Maximum Surge Current: 10 kA
    • Connection: Input: female RJ-45
    • Output: female RJ-45
    • Mounting: Flange
    • Exceeds Category 6 transmission values
    • Three stage hybrid circuit
    • DC over Ethernet all pins


    • Category 6 Power-Over-Ethernet transmission line protection
    • Optional isolated ground to be used at the equipment end in order to prevent circulating ground currents
    • Protects network signal lines entering or leaving control/critical panels.


    Ideal for protecting expensive/critical computer and video equipment from damaging surges and transients
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