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Harmony XAC Medium-Duty Pendant Stations

XAC pendant control stations equipped with 2 to 12 holes using custom 22 mm diameter buttons

Part of Harmony

Pendant control stations for custom 22 mm push buttons with pre-assembled and un-assembled versions and various hole size options between 2 - 12 holes

Harmony XAC Medium-Duty Pendant Stations
  • Features

    Functions: 1 or 2 speed up, down, right, and left movements; emergency stop option available.

    Four Perdant Types: XACA- / XACB- / XACD- / XACM-

    Compliance with IEC standards & UL/CSA certified. Double insulated in polypropylene casing tested with NEMA 4 and 4X protection. XAC Pendant uses ZA2 22 mm push buttons in assembly mounting to internal metal plate.

    Key features:
    • Single and two-speed versions with 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 number of hole versions
    • Momentary or maintained contacts with or without mechanical interlocks
    • High impact thermoplastic enclosure with self-extinguishing flammability rating (UL 94V) with NEMA 4, 4X, 5, IP65 degree of protection
    • UL Listed, CSA approved, carries CE marking
    • Yellow-colored pendants only
    • Beside pre-built versions, all other orders are custom.
    • XACA available with pistol grip


    Simple, reliable operator pendant control stations

    Designed for mechanical handling, these highly robust pendant control stations comply with the safety requirements of UL and IEC standards. XAC pendants are not only simple and intuitive, but also very ergonomic for the operator to use./p>


    • Hoisting: Industry (bridge cranes) and Building (tower and mobile cranes)
    • Material handling (lift platforms, locomotives) Drilling (Mining)


    • XACB020 2-Hole Pendant
    • XACD21 Fully Assembled Pendant with pistol grip
    • Products for customer assembly with plastic buttons Ø 22 ZA2 B
    • Complete products
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