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Surgelogic Type ICSE with Active Tracking Filter (ATF) technology offers high frequency noise filter capabilities with surge protection for loads up to 30 A.

Part of Square D Surgelogic

Type ICSE is designed to protect critical loads in buildings or industrial facilities.

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  • Features

    • Current: 2.5A, 5A, 7.5A, 15A, 30A
    • Voltage: 120 - 240 V
    • Connection: Terminal
    • Mounting: Flange
    • Typically reduces normal mode transients to +/-2 volts
    • Surge current capacity 6,500A per mode
    • Transient protection in all modes: line to neutral, line to ground, and neutral to ground


    • Active Tracking Filter technology suppresses transients and high frequency noise to deliver reliable power
    • High-frequency noise filter with transient protection


    Designed to protect sensitive control and computing systems exposed to harsh environments

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