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Soft Start - Altistart 48

Multi-Featured Altistart 48 Softstart

Part of Altivar

A full-featured soft start designed for 3-phase motors rated 17 to 1200 A, 3 to 1200 hp.

Soft Start - Altistart 48
  • Features

    The Altistart™ 48 soft start features a patented advanced motor control algorithm called TCS or Torque Control System. Without speed feedback, the Altistart™ 48 soft start provides constant starting and stopping rates independent of motor loading, just like a more expensive AC drive. Setting the new industry standard for soft starts, the Altistart™ 48 controls the applied motor torque, making it ideal for a wider variety of applications than a traditional voltage ramp soft start with the current limit. In pumping applications, the Altistart™ 48 with TCS eliminates the long start and stop times, the hydraulic transients and slamming of check valves associated with "pump version" voltage ramp soft starts.

    Ease of selection

    Every ATS 48 soft start model is rated for all North American industrial and commercial voltages — 208, 240, 480, and 600V. It is available in 21 power ratings from 17 to 1200 amps and is available for every standard motor rating up to 1000 HP at 460 VAC. No oversizing is required. Product selection comes down to a simple selection of motor horsepower and duty cycle.

    Available Ratings

    • 2 - 400 HP @ 208 VAC
    • 3 - 450HP @ 230 VAC
    • 7.5 - 1000 HP @ 460 VAC
    • 10 - 1200 HP @ 575 VAC


    • Easy to install — Two or three wire control, contactor style wiring, bypass contactor control, no separate overload required, use in ambients up to 140ºF

    • Preset for quick and easy start-up without adjustments for the majority of applications
      Integrated and optional IP65 rated remote mounted digital keypads for configuration and monitoring

    • Ease of programming — Utilizes PowerSuite™ programming software, common to all Schneider Electric AC drives and soft starts, for configuration, documentation, and archiving

    • Complete motor and machine protection: motor overload (classes 2 – 30), ground fault, excessive number of starts, stalled motor, motor underload, machine overtorque, input and output phase loss, phase reversal, and more…

    • Rugged construction with the highest rated power devices (SCRs) in the industry: 1800 PIV

    • Generator friendly — Compatible with classes 1, 2, and 3 generators with wide frequency tolerance (60 Hz +/- 20%)

    • Accepted internationally — Meets UL, CSA, CE, NOM, CCC, C-Tick, GHOST, DNV

    • Catch on the fly, regenerative braking

    • Elapsed time meter, kilowatt hour meter

    • Networking for remote monitoring and control: Modbus, Ethernet, DeviceNet, and other protocols


    • Pumps
    • Fans and high inertia machines
    • Compressors
    • Conveyors


    • PowerSuite configuration software workshop

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