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NQOD Lighting Panelboards

This is a legacy product

This Product is Obsolete

Legacy NQOD Lighting Panelboards have a proven record of reliable performance for 240 V maximum systems

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NQOD Lighting Panelboards
  • Features

    Proven record of reliable performance for 240 V maximum systems. That is why NQOD panelboards are so frequently specified to power lighting systems and small electrical loads in commercial and industrial facilities.

  • 240 Vac, 48 Vdc maximum
  • 600 Amp maximum main circuit breakers or main lugs
  • 150 Amp maximum branch circuit breakers
  • 10 K thru 200 K SCCR
  • Fully rated or series rated systems are available
  • Vertically mounted main and sub-feed circuit breakers
  • Ready-to-install main circuit breaker kits convert main lug interiors
  • Interiors are field convertible to top or bottom feed
  • Interiors available in plated copper or aluminum bus
  • An interior accepts bolt-on or plug-on branch circuit breakers
  • Complete line of UL Listed interiors with 200% rated neutrals for non-linear loads
      Column-width Panelboard Features
      • 240 Vac maximum
      • Copper bus standard
      • 225 Amp maximum main circuit breaker or main lugs
      • 60 Amp maximum branch circuit breaker
      • Suitable for use as service equipment when using main circuit breaker with 30 or 42 circuits
      • Top or bottom feed interiors
      • Accepts plug-on or bolt-on branch circuit breakers
      • Solid neutral located on same end as mains
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