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Instrument Transformers

Used for measurement and control of distribution equipment

Available in multiple window sizes and configurations to maximize applications. Square D offers 3 models of voltage transformers.

Schneider Eletric Square D Picture
Instrument Transformers
  • Features

    Square D Current Transformers are available in General Purpose Round, Toridal, Bushing, Rectangular, and Split Core configurations.

    • General Purpose Round Current Transformers - Specifically designed for ammeter and solid-state transducer applications. Design allows for low cost compact solution with good electrical performance.
    • Toridal Current Transformers - Extremely wide range of ratios available, along with wide range of window sizes from 1.13 in (28 mm) to 8.13 in (206 mm).
    • Rectangular Current Transformers - design for bus conductor applications instead of wire; 2 window sizes.
    • Split Core Current Transformers - Design for easy installation over existing bus or cable connections; available in 2 configurations.
    • Bushing Current Transformers - Designed to be installed into breaker cradle, allowing bus to be centered in the CT allowing potential to stay below 600V even in medium voltage applications.


    Square D offers 3 models of voltage transformers:

    • 450R: Designed for accurate voltage measurements with 0.3 accuracy; designed for switchboard use with a wide range of electrical indicating, recording instruments and protective relays in power systems
    • 460R: Designed for voltage indication with lower accuracy and smaller burdens; designed for use with voltmeters, transducers and other types of electrical indicating and recording instrumentation
    • 470R: Designed for extremely accurate voltage measurement where low burden is to be used; ideal for applications such as input to PLC modules and other electronic devices with high input impedance

    Current Transformers

    • High thermal ratings for short time use
    • Molded thermo-plastic cases
    • Permanent polarity marks molded into case and large easy to read ratios
    • Rugged mounting brackets
    • Large combination of product available through Square D (2 Distribution Centers)

    Voltage Transformers

    • ANSI C57.13 and CSA C13
    • UL recognized XODW2
    • Permanent polarity marks are molded into the case
    • Ratio clearly marked on case
    • Fully insulated threaded studs and nuts for customer connections
    • 10kV BIL, 60HZ, 600 V, ANSI C57.13