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Low Voltage Distribution Transformers, Non-Linear (NLP)

DOE 2016 Non-Linear (NLP)

Delta-Wye transformers sized to handle excess heat created by non-linear loads, but also mitigates triplen harmonics via 30° phase shift.

Schneider Eletric Square D Picture
Low Voltage Distribution Transformers, Non-Linear (NLP)
  • Features

    • Industry exclusive 1/2" clearance from rear and side, saving not only floor space, but installation time
    • Separated primary and secondary terminals, sized to handle wire range of Square D equipment
    • Distribution system connect on the incoming and outgoing
    • Bending radius for side and bottom access
    • Quiet Quality - minimum of 3db below ST-20 standard, with most units being 6-10dB below (see catalog and drawings for actual levels)
    • IZ levels design to meet AIC levels equivalent to prior to the DOE update
    • Reduced Inrush current part of design criteria, expanding the breaker options for primary protection
    • New Floor Mounting Kit - leveraging latest technology for mounting equipment to con create floor
    • Self Certified Seismic Qualified via ICS ES AC 156 shake table testing

    225kVA and above - OPEN BOTTOM design for increase wire access in the bottom of the transformer (enclosure style J only)



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