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Low Voltage General Purpose Transformers

Totally enclosed resin-filled general purpose transformer

The core-and-coil assembly is embedded in an epoxy resin compound and wall mounted for maximum protection. These units can be used outdoors without accessories.

Schneider Eletric Square D Picture
Low Voltage General Purpose Transformers
  • Features

    Resin-filled general purpose transformers are epoxy encapsulated. The enclosure has no openings, making resin-filled transformers ideal for use indoor or outdoor where airborne particles or contaminants could be detrimental to operation.

    • Individual enclosures from 50VA through 5kVA allowing for the most compact solutions in the industry
    • Large stock level of the product located in 2 Square D distribution centers, allowing customer to obtain product quickly
    • Can be field connected for three phase applications, when codes limit size of transformers (other air handling space - not to exceed 50kVA) or where floor space is limited but wall space is abundant
    • Can be configured into autotransformer OPEN DELTA to convert 480 Delta to 380 Delta or 400 Delta, or can supply isolation solution from 480 Delta to 415Y/240 for overseas equipment arriving in the United States - eliminating the need to wait for customer built transformer



    • OEM Commercial
    • Industrial Markets

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