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QED 6 Switchboards

For critical power distribution

Square D QED-6 Power-Style Rear Connected Electrical Switchboard is ideal for critical power distribution found in hospitals, universities, data processing centers and telecommunications facilities.

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QED 6 Switchboards
  • Features

    Feature individually mounted, drawout Masterpact® circuit breakers rated through 5000A. Unique switchboard construction make them well suited for critical power applications such as hospitals, universities, data processing centers and telecommunications facilities.

    • Individually mounted, rear connected design
    • Withdrawable design for all main and branch circuit breakers
    • Switchboard ratings up to 150 kA
    • Short Circuit Current Rating for services 1600 A to 5000 A
    • Uses drawout type Masterpact NW circuit breakers rated 800-5000 A
    • Uses drawout type Masterpact NT circuit breakers rated 800-1200 A
    • Unique bolted or withdrawable design on Powerpact® H, J and D circuit breakers rated 15-600 A
    • Up to eight 1200 A frame branch circuit breakers in a single 30-in. wide section
    • Compartmentalization: separate compartments for circuit breakers, bussing and load side cabling
    • Flexible branch circuit breaker locations: mix 15 A and 3000 A branches in a single section
    • Micrologic® trip units are field replaceable and upgradable
    • Masterpact NW/NT circuit breakers are field maintainable
    • Optional Masterpact NW Remote Racking Device
    • Arc Resistant available as option

    Communicating Smart Systems

    Smart Systems for Electrical Distribution is a simple, plug-and-play, Ethernet-connected power distribution asset management and energy monitoring solution to help you reduce downtime and improve operational efficiency.

    Smart Systems enables local or remote 24/7 real-time status and energy monitoring of Square D Masterpact™ circuit breakers as well as other power distribution and monitoring devices, such as power meters. Rely on smart data to monitor your buildings’ health, pinpoint troublesome areas, and facilitate a predictive maintenance program. Learn more


    Rugged, Long Life Operation

    • Masterpact and Powerpact circuit breakers have the highest short circuit ratings in their class (up to 150KAIR @ 480V)
    • Built for maximum up time without the need for frequent maintenance and inspections
    • Highly compartmentalized with steel barriers throughout
    • High short-time withstand bus rating up to 100kA for 30 cycles.
    • Add-on Intelligence
    • Communications via fast Ethernet transmission and enhanced web pages turn your Switchboard into a Smart System
    • Range of trip units add metering & diagnostic capability
    • Advanced metering from our industry leading Powerlogic power meters and monitors Designed to take up Less Space and Time
    • Unit mount, drawout for quick maintenance and replacement
    • Up to 8-1200A feeders in 30" W enclosure
    • Depth ranges from 60'-80" D
    • Rear access cable termination compartment with the most conduit space among competitive products


    Power Distribution for facilities requiring high up time and drawout breakers:

    • Hospitals
    • Universities
    • Data Processing Centers
    • Telecommunications Facilities

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