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EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers

EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers – Smallest footprint in industry

The most reliable and versatile line of quality multi-metering equipment for multi-unit residential and commercial construction

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EZ Meter-Pak Meter Centers
  • Features

    Square D™ EZ  Meter-Pak™ devices are the industry choice, providing better solutions to meet more multi-unit construction needs than any other line in the industry. Our EZM Busway tap devices have been designed with space savings in mind so that they not only meet challenging job requirements, but the compact footprint also makes them easier to handle and install.

    • VISI-TITE™ Nut & Bolt make installation faster and easier by eliminating the need for special tools or time-consuming torque readings
    • Circuit breaker, fusible switch, and terminal box mains from 400-1600 A maximum
    • Suitable for use as service equipment
    • 125 A, 225 A and 400 A maximum branch unit frame size available
    • Residential branches:

    — Ring type, 125 A and 225 A maximum
    — Ringless type with 5th jaw, 125 A and 225 A maximum
    — Ringless type with 5th jaw and horn bypass, 125 A and 225 A maximum

    • Commercial branches:

    — Ringless type with 5th jaw and lever bypass, 225 A and 400 A maximum
    — Ringless type, 7 jaw, 225 A maximum
    — Ringless type, 7 jaw with lever bypass, 225 A and 400 A maximum

    EZ Meter-Pak Test Block Bypass Meter Centers

    EZ Meter-Pak® Test Block Bypass Meter-Breaker Units, which attach to a main device, are available in configurations providing one, two or three meter socket positions. All units are UL Listed for either indoor or outdoor applications. For new installations, the EZ Meter-Pak Test Block Meter-Breaker Units can be used with any EUSERC designed EZM main device, including circuit breakers, fusible switches or terminal boxes. The units can also be added to an existing EZ Meter-Pak line.

    Unsurpassed Time Savings and Application Flexibility
    • Exclusive Visi-Tite® nut eliminates the need for time-consuming torque readings when connecting devices.
    • Unique field phase-balancing allows easy on-site changing of phase-balancing (standard on all 3 PH IN-1 PH OUT units).
    • External mounting channels permits immediate installation with no disassembly or adjustment required.
    • Mounting brackets swing out of the way, allowing mounting holes to be drilled without moving the device.
    • Top and bottom wiring gutters allow branch circuits to exit from the top, bottom or back of the unit.
    • Test bypass meter-breaker units available to feed either single or three phase loads from a three phase service.
    • Single, double and three position meter-breaker units can be connected in any combination, providing a solution for any size application.
    • When installed, main terminal boxes do not protrude past adjacent meter center, complying with EUSERC's required spacing around installed meters.



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