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Cast Coil Power Cast II™ Transformers

Unequaled capability to handle unusually high impact and short circuit loads

Square D™ Power-Cast II™ have primary impulse ratings equal to liquid-filled transformers.

Schneider Eletric Square D Picture
Cast Coil Power Cast II™ Transformers
  • Features

    • UL Listed
    • High efficiency per DOE 2016 Standards
    • Primary impulse ratings equal to liquid-filled transformers
    • Superior dynamic short circuit strength
    • Exceptional short-time thermal overload capability
    • Outstanding resistance to moisture and atmospheric contaminants
    • Extremely low maintenance
    • High impact loading without incident
    • No pre-drying before energizing
    • Copper or Aluminum windings
    • Partial discharge free
    • Optional fan cooling provides as much as 50% increase in capacity
    • Available as stand-alone or in a substation line up
    • Retro-fit applications

    Optional Feature Available:
    Transient Voltage Resistant Transformers (TVRT™)


    • Superior short circuit strength
    • Non-flammable
    • Resistant to moisture and contaminants
    • Low installation costs
    • Minimum maintenance required


    Cast Coil Transformers are ideal for applications with critical loads where loss of power cannot be tolerated. They are well suited for harsh loads and rugged environments.

    • Industrial/Manufacturing Applications
    • Data Centers
    • Hospitals
    • Education

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