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NEMA Circuit Breaker Combination Starters

NEMA sizes 0-7 with award-winning PowerPact circuit breakers

NEMA sizes 0-7 with award-winning PowerPact circuit breakers, efficient long-lasting LED pilot lights and foam-in-place door seals

Schneider Eletric Square D Picture
NEMA Circuit Breaker Combination Starters
  • Features

    Square D® NEMA Circuit Breaker Combination Starters offer unmatched reliability and flexibility for quick access and less install downtime. Plus, NEMA sizes 0-7 starters fit numerous commercial building applications. 

    • Built-in Quality—enjoy superior features like:
      • Award-winning PowerPact eMCP circuit breakers that protect higher amp flow and offer greater in-field flexibility.
      • Longer-lasting, energy efficient 30 mm LED pilot lights.
      • Specially designed, pliable “foam-in-place” cabinet seals that protect from harmful outside elements providing a secure seal each time it’s closed.
    • Flexible Fit—Accommodate standard 9070TF control power transformers allowing for a wide range of fits and easier modifications.  NEMA size 0-5 Combination Starters use only 5 eMCP frames to meet many applications
    • Easy Access—Streamline installation, wiring, maintenance and field modifications with convenient door-mounted pilot devices.
    • Extra Protection—Relax knowing you can easily set eMCP dials to comply with NEC 430.52 allowing you to handle transient inrushes without tripping. Plus, enjoy extra circuit protection during motor acceleration. 
    • Expert Design—Operate smarter with the redesigned operating mechanism and disconnect switch that allow you to reset the overload without special tools. Also, the sturdy construction of the non-removable door helps ensure a safer, more secure starter.  
    • Seismic Tested—Rely on seismic-rated NEMA combination starters for critical applications like hospitals, water treatment facilities, data centers, schools, shopping centers, and convention centers.


    • Flexible with four overload relays: Motor Logic™ solid state, TeSys™ T communication solid state, Adapted Bimetal, and melting alloy types
    • Customizable with hundreds of combinations
    • Robust design and reliable build for long mechanical life and electrical endurance
    • Serviceable by replacing contacts and coils rather than replacing the entire product; simply service the part that is worn out.
    • Simple catalog number for easy and fast ordering


    Industrial Markets
    Commercial Office Buildings
    Building Automation
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