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Type A and B Reversing Drum Switches

Designed for motor rated up to 7½ HP

Designed to start and reverse motors by connecting them directly across-the-line

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Type A and B Reversing Drum Switches
  • Features

    Type A and B Reversing drum switches are designed to start and reverse motors by connecting them directly across-the-line. The devices may be used with squirrel cage motors; single-phase motors designed for reversing service; and series, shunt, and compound DC motors. The applications should be such that across-the-line starting of the motors is not objectionable, unless other means is provided for limiting starting current and torque. Drum switches are field convertible from maintained to momentary operation for flexibility.

    The reversing drum switches find application wherever manual reversing control is desired. They are particularly suited for use on machine tools, woodworking machines, and similar types of equipment. Examples include lathes, milling machines, planers, grinders, shapers, and boring mills. Other possible applications include door operators, small hoists, and conveyor belts.

    Overload and low voltage protection are not incorporated in these reversing drum switches. Should the power fail, the contacts will remain closed, unless assembled for momentary operation, and the handle stays in the selected position. The motor will restart when the power returns.

    • 600 Vac and 250 Vdc maximum
    • Designed for motor rated up to 7½ HP
    • Large movable contact segments are rigidly attached to the main operating shaft. Fully insulated from each other and from the shaft, both the movable and stationary contacts are plated for maximum life. Extremely accessible terminals are provided for easy wiring.
      • Type A is provided with screw type terminals
      • Type B is provided wit pressure wire connector terminals
      • Contacts are not replaceable
    • Operating Mechanism supplied from the factory for maintained position (i.e. when the handle is moved to the forward or reverse position, it will remain there until moved) operation and can be easily converted with no additional parts needed to provide “spring return to off” operation.
    • Handles:
      • One piece die cast handle standard on NEMA Type 1 and Type 4 devices
      • Ball and shaft type handle optional
      • Fluted type handle optional
    • Wide range of enclosures available:
      • NEMA Type 1 General Purpose
      • NEMA Type 3R Rainproof Outdoor
      • NEMA Type 4 Water tight and Dust tight
      • NEMA Type 13 Oil tight for flush mounting
    • Meets UL and CSA requirements


    • Compact Design
    • Robust components for long lasting operation
    • Field installer accessories


    • Crane & Hoist
    • Machine Tools
    • Door Operators

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