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Modicon ABE9

Telefast pre-wired system – IP67 passive splitters boxes

Part of Modicon

ABE9 passive splitter boxes make it possible to eliminate long and difficult cabling operations.

Modicon ABE9
  • Features

    Due their modularity and their dimensions, they are the ideal solution for a wide variety of customer applications. Connection to the processing unit can either be made by connector or by multicore cable of different lengths. IP 67 protection allows these products to be used within processes or machines in harsh environments (splashing water, oil, dust, etc.). The splitter boxes, available in 4 or 8 channel versions, allow connection of up to 16 signals maximum, depending on the version.
    • M12 connectors for sensors and actuators
    • 4 or 8 channels version
    • Fixing and connection system confirming to CNOMO standard
    • Different programmable controller connection modes with pre-formed cables or M23 connector for eliminating wiring errors 
    • 24 V commons separation possible.


    Thanks to their modularity and compactness,Modicon ABE9 splitter blocks perfectly match the diversity of your applications, specifically in harsh environments (splashing water, oil, dust, etc.).


    • Bottling
    • Assembly
    • Conveying

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