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protection accessories, Harmony Electromechanical Relays, diode, for all sockets, 6…230V DC


Product availability: Stock - Normally stocked in distribution facility
Protection module enables safety to the relay which helps to protect both people and system from electrical shock
Simple modular design facilitates post installation servicing, modification and adaption of machines by non-specialists
Can be matched with any relay socket from RSZ range
It is a flexible design for space-saving
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Green Premium™

Green PremiumTM label is Schneider Electric’s commitment to delivering products with best-in-class environmental performance. Green Premium promises compliance with the latest regulations, transparency on environmental impacts, as well as circular and low-CO2 products.
Guide to assessing product sustainability is a white paper that clarifies global eco-label standards and how to interpret environmental declarations.
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Guide to assess a product’s sustainability

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