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    Innovation at every level

    8 ways our innovation delivers customer value while ensuring 

    Life Is On™ for everyone, everywhere — and at every moment.

Innovating for customer value

The world is experiencing ever-increasing demand for more efficient and connected energy. Businesses can stay ahead of the curve while leveraging the opportunities the new world of energy brings. At Schneider Electric™, we combine energy management, automation, and software to help customers realize business value from our innovations.
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Updated infrastructure. Uplifting service.

  • Soaring airport efficiency

    Geneva Airport has a lofty goal: grow from 15 million passengers each year to over 25 million by 2030. Watch how the airport leverages our innovative electrical distribution infrastructure for smooth operations.

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Non-stop efficiency. Unstoppable power plays.

  • Balancing a microclimate

    The PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, hosts hockey games, ice shows, basketball games, and more — requiring a careful, innovative balancing act to ensure comfortable environments each time. See how our building management system infrastructure supports them and scores every time.

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  • 770,000 square feet
  • 165+ annual events
  • $300,000 energy savings in six years
The Edge, Amsterdam, EcoBuildings

Cutting-edge innovation. At "The Edge."

  • A model of connectivity and sustainability

    Meet The Edge, a building that’s been called “a computer with a roof.” See how Schneider Electric brought multiple systems into harmony and helped create a smart building that’s both intelligent and inspiring.

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Micro data center. Monumental church.

  • Solving a 133-year-old design challenge

    When the iconic Basilica de la Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain, needed to improve the reliability and flexibility of their data center, they turned to a prefabricated solution from Schneider Electric.

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Sustainable aquarium. Amazing encounters.

  • Sea-changing data.

    If a building could “talk” about energy, what would it say?  Just ask Chicago’s landmark John G. Shedd Aquarium, which uses Schneider Electric's building analytics solution for better insights to shed light on energy use.

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  • 32,000+ animal residents
  • 50% planned cut in energy usage by 2020
  • 1.8 million guests visit Shedd each year
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Power grid. Super-powerful healing.

  • From utility to superhero

    If the power goes out in the Netherlands, one of the country's largest utilities, Stedin, can re-energize the unaffected area in just 30 seconds. Discover how our decentralized, self-healing power network makes it possible.

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Lightning plays. Not lightning strikes.

  • Game on!

    In Boston, Massachusetts, the beloved Red Sox are more than a baseball team; they’re a way of life. Learn how weather forecasting innovation lets fans soak in as many innings as possible — and not get drenched by severe weather.

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“Schneider Electric has earned our trust and respect over the years by providing the minute-by-minute forecasts that enable us to make the right game-time decisions.”

Dave Mellor, Red Sox Director of Grounds
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Cleaner power. Greener planet.

  • The future of energy storage

    The EcoBlade™ intelligent energy storage system can provide cleaner, more affordable power in homes, buildings, data centers, and substations. Welcome to the future.

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Energy: the base of life

Life Is On when energy is on — safe, reliable, efficient, connected, sustainable energy. That’s the thought behind the value-driven innovations we offer at every level of our operational technology and information technology ecosystem.

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