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    Customer Story: Arroka Bar

    A recipe for business continuity

    For a small business, every minute of unplanned downtime represents a profit loss. That’s why the family-run Arroka Bar relies on EcoStruxure Facility Expert to make sure all of its equipment is up and running.

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    Power distribution digitized

    Learn how to ensure reliable power supply to minimize downtime and improve your business continuity.

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    • Visibility from everywhere

      Manuel Herrero, the owner of a traditional Basque tavern in San Sebastian, Spain, checks on his business from his smartphone, wherever he is.

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    Redefining power distribution

    Discover how the new, IoT-enabled power distribution system brings actionable insight that helps avoid downtime, improve operational efficiency, and uncover saving opportunities. Download the e-guide

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    Learn how your business can achieve success with EcoStruxure: Innovation at Every Level.
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    The Challenge

    • Keep electrical devices at Arroka Bar running 24/7 to ensure top food quality and business continuity
    • Give the bar owner greater control over his business through remote control of individual electrical devices, insight into electrical network condition, and instant notifications in case of issues
    • Enable time and energy savings

    The Solution

    Greater visibility and efficiency with EcoStruxure Power

    Edge Control: EcoStruxure Facility Expert for Small Business 
    Connected Products: Acti 9 PowerTag Link C, Acti9 iC60 

    • All electrical equipment at the bar is monitored 24/7 and connected to an app on the owner’s smartphone or tablet.
    • The owner can easily check the statuses of individual devices and turn selected appliances on or off, from anywhere.
    • The system monitors the bar’s electrical network for issues and sends notifications if a fault is detected.

    The Results

    • Time savings of approximately 30 minutes each day
    • Full visibility into the status of critical assets, including fridges and a coffee machine
    • The ability to control the devices remotely
    • Timely notifications on electrical issues, enabling greater peace of mind for the owner
    • The addition of PowerTag energy sensors to the system is expected to save up to 20% on electricity consumption after upgrade
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    “Thanks to EcoStruxure Facility Expert I can have remote insight into the entire installation and act quickly if something fails without it affecting my business.”

    Manuel Herrero, the Owner, Arroka Bar

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