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    Faster time to profit

    Bringing innovation to the world’s largest silicone material production facility is a bold idea. Dow Corning improves control, operational safety and reliability at their petrochemicals plant using EcoStruxure™ Plant.

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  • Dow Corning Operational efficiency with EcoStruxure™ Plant

    The Carrollton, Kentucky site is one of the largest silicone materials production facilities in the world. By looking ahead and proactively upgrading to new technology, the team improved their operational efficiency, reliability, safety, and profitability using EcoStruxure™ Foxboro DCS technology and modernization services.

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The Challenge

• Upgrade legacy system to control potential operational safety and reliability risks.

• Execute the project at low cost, low risk with reduced time to production.

• Provide seamless transition to new technology for operations team.


The Solution

Improving operational safety, reliability and profitability with EcoStruxure™ Plant
   Apps, Analytics & Services : Modernization services
   Edge Control: EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS

• Proactively mitigate risk by upgrading their legacy control and I/O modules to new technology.

• A plug-and-play approach that brings early production at lower cost:

• Retain existing infrastructure, field wiring, and most of their software
• New 1X8 upgrade cabinets configured to match up with existing installation

The Results

• Reduced project risk and cost due to preservation of infrastructure

• Project executed 50% faster than planned

• Reduced CAPEX by 50%

• Added 2 extra days of production leading to a faster time to profit

Key Facts

Carrollton, Kentucky is one of Dow Corning’s manufacturing sites used for the production of siloxanes (basic silicone materials) which are used extensively by industries such as electronics, personal care, construction and energy.

The Carrollton, Kentucky site is one of the largest silicone materials production facilities in the world.

The site produces silicone fluids, blends, emulsions and intermediate materials.

The materials produced at the Carrollton site are used in many of Dow Corning’s 7,000 products.

Turn industrial automation into the Profit Engine of your business with EcoStruxure™ Plant

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• The 2 extra days of production led to more revenue.

• EcoStruxure Foxboro DCS improves the profitability, safety, efficiency and reliability of their operations

• As a result, Dow Corning can realize cost-savings and greater throughput, positioning themselves to drive measurable operational profitability improvements, safely.