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  • Entrade
    Customer Story: Entrade

    Transforming waste into sustainable energy

    Clean energy producer Entrade uses EcoStruxure™ Machine to create a new business model that leverages remote monitoring to bring sustainable energy to the world.

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    • Entrade, the Clean Energy Company Turning waste into sustainable energy

      By implementing EcoStruxure™ Machine, clean energy producer Entrade created a new business model that leverages remote monitoring to help address the 21st century challenge of converting waste into clean energy.

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    The Challenge

    Entrade is an innovative OEM building micro power plants, housed in shipping containers, that generate power and heat using various types of readily available waste or biomass. They wanted a single solution provider for their complete automation system, including:

    • Connectivity and control for easy remote control of plants worldwide

    • Monitoring and analytics for optimal performance to meet energy and sustainability goals

    • Minimal CAPEX to become competitive for small distributed plants

    • Continuing innovation to help them remain at the forefront of their business


    The Solution

    Connectivity and sustainability with EcoStruxure™ Machine

    Apps, Analytics & Services: System Platform, Historian, Intouch HMI and EcoStruxure Resource Advisor
    Edge Control: EcoStruxure Machine Expert, PacDrive LMC 201 and Modicon M241
    Connected products: Altivar Machine, Magelis HMI, Harmony and Medium voltage switchgear & transformers

    • Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure architecture and IIoT-ready products are at the core of Entrade’s applications.

    • Schneider Electric provides the necessary connectivity, as well as the complete automation system.

    • With an enterprise server and dashboards, Entrade can remotely manage its many power plants so it can continue to grow its business around the world.

    The Results

    • By incorporating the IIoT into its system control and data management design, Entrade can remotely control and monitor its 250 plants in Liverpool (UK) from their headquarters in Germany and other locations to support their new business model. 

    • Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure solutions and engineering leverage the advantages of the IIoT so Entrade can operate their innovative power systems remotely and more profitably while bringing sustainable energy to where it is needed most.

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