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The vaccine’s journey: from a lab to a pinch in your arm

Manufacturing sites will need to run at full speed. Shipments must be tracked and kept secure. And retail sites like pharmacies will need upgraded building systems.

Schneider Electric, the global leader in energy management and industrial automation, can help keep the vaccine supply chain infrastructure reliably powered, physically and cyber secure, and traceable — from end to end. This infographic takes you inside our vaccine supply chain infrastructure.

2+ billion

doses projected to be administered in 2021

650 – 850 million

needles needed to distribute vaccine in just the U.S.


manufacturing sites capable of producing vaccines, globally

A major production effort

Our cybersecure industrial automation, power, and building management solutions can play a key role:
  • Consistent facility conditions are maintained through advanced HVAC monitoring and control.
  • Reliable power distribution keep production lines operating without interruption.
  • Robotics and motion controls uphold aseptic conditions by avoiding need for human workforce.
  • Regulatory compliance solutions ensure product quality and enable complete traceability.

-112 °F (-80 °C)

temperature achieved by certain freezers, on par with Antarctica’s coldest conditions

>1.5 trillion

data points are required for vaccine delivery

8,000 – 15,000

full Boeing 747 air freight flights could be needed

Getting the vaccine where it's needed

Our logistics solutions can help the vaccine vials move efficiently around the world:

Administering the vaccine

We can help at point-of-care sites:
  • Power distribution equipment keeps freezers, medical equipment, and IT infrastructure supplied with clean, reliable electricity.
  • Building management systems manage environmental conditions, maintain stable temperatures, and send alerts when set conditions deviate.
  • Access systems monitor and control who’s entering freezers and storage rooms.
  • Data integrity solutions securely track each vial and who’s received the vaccine, and can then feed data to EMR systems.

We can help every step of the way

Schneider solutions are here for the vaccine's entire journey.

  • Reliability: Our expertise is in maintaining stable environmental conditions and providing back-up power in all kinds of mission-critical applications.
  • Cyber and physical security: We work with some of the most critical facilities on earth, including pharmaceutical manufacturing, military bases, hospitals, and more.
  • Traceability and regulatory compliance: Our data management solutions can label and track batches across their journey, ensuring a stable vaccine from lab to the pinch in your arm.

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Find out more on how we can help governments and organizations fortify vaccine supply chain infrastructure
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