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    Healthcare Power and Energy Management

    Learn how to protect the health of your power. Prevent unplanned outages that threaten patient safety and improve your operational and energy efficiency with an integrated power and energy management solution.

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Power Quality Improvement

The most costly and dangerous power issues can be related to power quality. Power quality issues can cause sensitive medical equipment to function improperly and event shutdown. Imagine a power flicker causing an MRI machine issue resulting in inaccurate patient scans! Or a kidney dialysis machine shutting down in the middle of treatment.

Power quality issues can wreak havoc on your operations and your efficiency, causing everything from higher utility bills to hospital shutdowns. Improve your energy efficiency, reliability and patient care by implementing power quality improvement solutions today

Learn how a hospital corrected dialysis machine shutdowns.

  • Power Quality Solutions

    Learn how power quality improvement solutions from Schneider Electric can help improve your operations, minimize costs, and maximize reliability.

  • Power Quality Performance Module

    Power quality issues can cause downtime, equipment malfunctions and costly utility bills. Learn how the Power Quality Performance Module can help you detect, identify and diagnose power quality issues to avoid financial losses.

  • Power Quality Issues in a Healthcare Facility

    Learn how a hospital was able to correct power quality issues to keep critical medical equipment running smoothly.

  • Got Dirty Power? Clean it up!

    Dirty power is stealing from you. AccuSine™ PCS+/PFV+ active harmonic filters can clean up your power to maximize uptime and efficiency, improve equipment lifespan, and lower operating expenses. Reduce voltage fluctuations and minimize downtime with this simple and effective solution.

    Learn more about AccuSine+ Active Filters
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      New York Hospital Avoids Critical Downtime and Equipment Issues A large regional hospital needed to protect its mission-critical, sensitive medical equipment from destructive voltage fluctuations and power quality issues. Download the Customer Story
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      Hospital Corrects Power Issues Causing Equipment Shutdowns Learn how a hospital was able to identify why a kidney dialysis machine was shutting down in the middle of treatments and how they fixed the issue. Download the Customer Story
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      Symptoms of Power Quality Issues and Solutions for Correction Learn to identify the signs your facility may have a power quality issue with this interactive e-Guide. complete with case studies and videos. Discover the damaging effects of poor power quality and what type of corrective solution is right for you. Download the E-guide
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      Learn How to Find Hidden Utility Bill Penalty Charges Download this sample utility bill and discover how to find hidden charges on your bill. See how much you could save yearly with a power quality solution. Download the Utility Bill
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      Test your PQ IQ! Know the types of power quality issues you can have? Or the cost of power quality problems? Learn the facts in this infographic. Download the Infographic
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      A Framework for Implementing Continuous, Iterative Power Quality Management White Paper Power quality problems can cause equipment and facility shutdowns. This white paper presents a power quality management framework–based on continuous and iterative monitoring, analysis and corrective actions– that improves power quality performance. Download the White Paper
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