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Next Story Up Podcast


Next Story Up Podcast


Next Story Up Podcast

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Next Story Up Podcast


The latest episode from Next Story Up: Season 2

  • Next Story Up Season 2 Episode 8

    If We Can Send a Man to the Moon… (w/ Annette Clayton)

    The Apollo 11 moon landing – 1969. Tyler uses this bold event in history as a platform for a discussion around the bold challenges that lie ahead throughout the world in the energy and built environment.
  • Next Story Up Podcast

    Next Story Up: Season 2

    In season two of Next Story Up, we’ll focus half of our episodes on specific building segments and bring in a few industry guests. Our goal is to make the smart buildings industry more relatable and inclusive – for Schneider Electric customers, and current and prospective employees. We are all building occupants. Collaborating to get the future right is important to us all.
  • Season Two

Get more information on our special guest and past episodes of season two.

  • Learn more about Shadow Ventures and get KP's new book What You Know About Startups Is Wrong, where he explains the behind-the-scenes reality of business building, debunking eleven popular myths about what defines a top entrepreneur.

Missed it? Listen to episodes from Next Story Up: Season 1

dice and games

Episode 1: A Game of Nodes (w/ Ben Norman)

In our inaugural episode, Tyler and guest Ben Norman discuss how software and data are enabling new possibilities in building experiences. And compare a building story to that of the White Walkers in the popular HBO Series Game of Thrones.

Episode 2: Single & Unrepeatable (w/ Bobbi Jo Provost)

Tyler tells a building story challenging us to consider a connected building technology platform infrastructure in the same way we consider our smart phones - unique and personal via the implementation of apps and services.

Episode 3: For the Birds (w/ Andrew Tanskey)

A building story is compared to the success of Angry Birds during the early days of the smartphone App Stores. Tyler and guest Andrew focus on taking data and tying it directly into the human obstacles it looks to help us tackle.
wine pouring

Episode 4: Perfect Pairing (w/ James Mylett)

Tyler compares investing in smart building services to the perils of purchasing wine due to the potential intimidation that accompanies making choices. In building automation, what is the best way to help customers with decisions?
car and cityscape

Episode 5: Miraculous or Mundane? (w/ Dhaval Shah)

Tyler tells a story comparing his recent journey from NYC to Baltimore with the types of experience-guiding journeys we might have in buildings. Guest Dhaval, describes way-finding and where we are in that frontier with buildings.

Episode 6: Think Outside the Fish Bowl (w/ Trish Starkey)

In this episode, we discuss how we can make our lives better with a more decentralized, resilient, and cleaner energy infrastructure. Trish answers questions like "What are microgrids?" and "What is energy as a service?
food bowl

Episode 7: The Seamless Experience (w/ Jana Gerber)

Tyler tells a story about the similarities and differences between a food staple and how this relates to the similarities and differences in the goals of building automation in different building customer segment types.

Episode 8: Oh, Inverted World (w/ Kevin Self)

Tyler and his guest Kevin, conclude Season 1 by discussing the tipping point of infrastructure inversion we are currently overlooking, and the need for imagination and creativity in a space that can make all of our lives better.
Next Story Up Podcast


Next Story Up Podcast


Next Story Up Podcast

Google Play

Next Story Up Podcast


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