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  • Easier way to monitor machines remotely

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Easier way to monitor machines remotely

For machine builders, the design and sale of a machine is just the beginning of a project. You worked hard to gain your customers’ business, but you also want to be ready to provide fast and responsive customer service throughout the life cycle of your equipment, which is often installed in distant parts of the world.

Now, Schneider Electric™ offers a solution that makes high quality remote monitoring of machines a reality, enabling machine manufacturers to easily manage and support pools of machines and equipment across diverse remote locations.

OptiM2M is the Machine-to-Machine solution that allows the transfer and storage of remote machine data in a high-security web cloud which is accessible via any device with a web browser, from anywhere in the world.

More visibility means more control
With fast, reliable access to remote equipment and attractive features for data analysis, it easily handles functions such as data reading, breakdown diagnosis, and alarm management. Users can harvest detailed, and real-time equipment information, such as energy consumption of HVAC equipment or other operating statistics.

Security is ensured via user-defined access levels, which can be granted by user profile (site manager/owner/user, etc.).

Improving reaction time and customer relationships
The OptiM2M solution takes the relationship between you and your customers to a whole new level of cooperation and trust. Secure end-to-end wireless connectivity enables secured access and exchange of sensitive data, as well as faster and more accurate response to key operational issues. In the event of a machine alarm, immediate notification can be sent by email or SMS along with diagnostic data, helping you to make the right decision quickly without wasting time and costs associated with an on-site visit. Equipment operations can be performed instantly, reducing reaction time and costs, optimizing resources, and boosting productivity.

So take advantage of the faster, easier way to access remote machine data with OptiM2M and give your customers another reason to look nowhere else but to you for their machine and service needs. 

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