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  • Four ways to boost your plant's performance

Factory workers in bottling plant, food and beverage, manufacturing execution system.
Leverage Schneider Electric PlantStruxure PES for improved operational efficiency today. Engineering time can be reduced by up to 25 percent with Schneider Electric PlantStruxure PES.

Improve operational and energy efficiency with automated plant control

The pressures to manufacture multiple SKUs and meet ever-evolving customer requirements have manufacturers scrambling for solutions that take productivity, maintenance efficiency, and energy management to a whole new level. Now more than ever, manufacturers are turning to advanced process automation technologies to simplify engineering design, troubleshoot issues faster, and maximize production management.

Combining the flexibility, openness, and ease-of-use of PLC/SCADA with integrated centralized diagnostics capabilities found in DCS, Schneider Electric PlantStruxure™ PES can help you solve issues with:

  1. Engineering design – With access to data at their fingertips and intelligent, flexible capabilities, engineers can easily design and test equipment, cut process unavailability, and easily integrate with other systems – the result: engineering time reduction of up to 25 percent.
  2. Uptime – Production continuity is paramount. An unscheduled disruption can impact a plant’s capacity to process perishable raw produce from the farm or to deliver on-time to retail. An architecture that collects essential diagnostics for ideal performance of main functions can prevent and correct irregular situations. And system-wide cross-references, intuitive navigation, and the ability to drill down into the causes of issues enable operators to quickly diagnose and resolve problems, and restore operations.
  3. Production management – Traceability is essential to food and beverage plant managers, not only to achieve consistent quality from batch to batch before any product leaves the plant, but also to ensure application of stringent safety standards. A process automation system equipped with powerful process libraries provides complete management and visibility of production processes across the plant and facilitates detailed review at each stage.
  4. Energy consumption – An ideal infrastructure helps to control operational costs by improving energy efficiency and maximizing load shedding opportunities to minimize energy use. Standardized, Ethernet-based, and open communication technologies break the typical data silos and enable the creation of meaningful dashboards and KPIs to enhance access to vital energy data.