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  • How capillary data acquisition cuts energy bills and ensures power availability

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The Acti 9 control system by Schneider Electric  gives basic control with optimum protection.


 ANNE-SOPHIE HAJJAR, the marketing offer manager for control and monitoring in Final Distribution Boards at Schneider Electric, is responsible for the Acti 9 communication system solution. She holds two master’s degrees; one in Telecom and Information Systems from Telecom Paris Sud Engineering School and the other in Business Administration from Paris Dauphine University.

Q. What exactly is capillary data acquisition?
A. The capillary concept is nothing new in botany or biology. It’s the ability of liquid to flow to the extreme ends of a system. When applied in data management, you substitute “liquid” with “data”, and you can picture data flowing to and from places unreachable by conventional systems.

Q. How does the capillary energy management system work? 

A. It zooms in and retrieves data from individual loads. Take, for example, your conventional meter. It measures a building’s overall energy usage. But with capillary data acquisition, you can fine-tune the focus and home in on a room followed by an individual load. It puts high-precision micro-info at your fingertips.

Q. How do such systems support energy efficiency and availability?

A. Through monitoring, control, and metering. Capillary monitoring maintains a constant watch on your final distribution boards. It can pinpoint which load in a particular room is guzzling electricity due to equipment malfunction. You can take action quickly and save energy. It tells you immediately, for example, which circuit breaker has tripped so you can quickly intervene and ensure operational continuity.

Q. What solutions are available for capillary energy management?

A. There are products available on the market today. However, they require extensive control wiring and communications cabling. But a ready-to-connect system, like the Acti 9™ control system by Schneider Electric, gives basic control with optimum protection and easily integrates with any facility management architecture. That means it supports energy efficiency practices in any environment. Acti 9 switchgears retrieve information from the final distribution boards, the ones at the point of use. They are plug-and-play devices with a single cable. Just clip them on and the information flows from the final distribution boards to the facility management system. Smart, fast, and easy.

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