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  • How to protect industrial control systems from cyber attacks

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The Defense-in-Depth approach developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and incorporated into the Schneider Electric strategy for cyber security From 2006 to 2012, the number of cyber security incidents reported by federal agencies increased by 782%

Improve cyber security with this 6-step defense approach

Federal agencies recognize the heightened threat of cyber intrusion and are taking steps to guard their industrial control systems, which include building and energy management systems, SCADA, and PLC systems. However, improving cyber security remains a constant and evolving challenge.

A cyber attack can result in significant loss through production or process downtime or disruption, as well as damage to equipment and infrastructure. Most agencies and end users have taken some steps to protect against cyber attacks, but eliminating vulnerabilities requires overcoming various obstacles, such as:

  • The open and collaborative nature of industrial control systems 
  • Inadequate user awareness and action 
  • Increased use of off-the-shelf IT solutions 
  • Lack of expertise

To help address these barriers, many agencies are partnering with solutions providers to help improve security in both new and existing systems. For example, the “Defense-in-Depth” approach, developed by the National Security Agency (NSA), underlies a multilayered strategy that provides holistic security throughout an industrial enterprise.

Frost & Sullivan partnered with Schneider Electric to produce a white paper on this topic. Learn more about avoiding cyber attacks against industrial control systems in the white paper, “Cybersecurity for Industrial Automation & Control.”

To learn more about how to protect industrial control systems against cyber intrusion, download the white paper, “Cybersecurity for Industrial Automation & Control Environments.”

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