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  • MultiSight Video Service

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Imagine being able to see directly into any store, any time, from anywhere — your office, at an airport, or stopping to get your morning coffee.

You’re running a retail business, with multiple stores spread across hundreds of miles and a number of states. You have a security system with cameras, and alarms, and motion sensors. But what about the actual operation of your business? In a company with hundreds or even thousands of locations, how do you monitor customer service and employee performance day-in and day-out? 

Even with a well-executed store auditing program, you and your managers simply cannot be everywhere, all the time. And, as a result, things may be happening that shouldn’t be:

  • Did all of your stores open on time? Did any close early?
  • Are your employees preparing food correctly and safely, greeting customers promptly, and keeping the store clean and organized?
  • Is marketing material displayed correctly, or not at all?
  • Which locations are extra busy? And which ones aren’t busy, and why?
  • Are managers following proper cash-handling procedures?
  • What was the source of the inventory shortage in this location?

Operational questions like these are almost impossible to answer using the tools currently available to multi-site managers. Other questions can be answered, but only by investing significant time, effort, and maybe even a trip to the store to locate and retrieve the video. Without efficient tools for answering such questions, many must go unanswered. Until now.

Introducing MultiSight™ Video Service
MultiSight is a game-changing video service designed specifically for multi-site retailers, convenience stores, and restaurants. “We began development with months of customer research, and found that many retailers were attempting to use their security systems to perform ‘operational’ functions within their businesses,” says Greg Millar, chief technology officer and senior vice president of the Schneider Electric Video Line of Business. “We decided to include those functions in MultiSight from the beginning, building a video service tailored to the unmet needs of retailers.” MultiSight is a complete solution — the high-definition cameras, gateway, apps, and cloud-based services are designed to work together and are all included in the price of the service. And the service is completely optimized for mobile viewing. Imagine being able to see directly into any store, any time, from anywhere — your office, at an airport, or stopping to get your morning coffee. Imagine having instant access to what’s going on right now, and what went on last night during a busy shift, just with the swipe of a finger. This is the vision of MultiSight.

Designed with the Business in Mind 
MultiSight addresses the particular requirements of retail and restaurant environments and end users:

  • All inclusive – Everything is included: from high-definition cameras to mobile apps (see sidebar). This simplifies purchasing and system management.
  • OpEx model – No huge capital investment up front, just a low monthly fee.
  • Grows with your business – Add more stores and users easily as your business expands.
  • Unlimited users – Add as many users as you like, even people who haven’t historically had regular access to video: marketing, human resources. The more users you add, the more value you will see from the system. And user management is easy through our Web-based administration tool.
  • Easy to use – Designed for mobile access from the outset, MultiSight delivers high-quality video through an intuitive, userfriendly interface. Training time is minimized — which is key, in the high turnover environment of retail and quick-service restaurants. Even better, this is a system managers actually want to use.
  • Easy to share video – We make it easy to create clips and share them, both within your organization and with outside agencies (i.e., insurance, law enforcement). Use the mobile app to quickly mark a clip, then send an email with a link to the video. All shared video is retained in the cloud for a year.
  • IT-friendly – MultiSight requires no special network configuration. And the video is designed to stream without slowing down or disrupting network traffic — crucial for keeping business-critical transactions flowing.
  • No worries about downtime – MultiSight’s support team monitors your system’s health, as part of your monthly service. When an incident occurs you can rest easy knowing that the video will be available.
  • Low-energy – In retail, every penny counts. Our cameras and gateway require about 25 percent of the energy of a typical security system.

Be Everywhere at Once
MultiSight’s cloud-based architecture offers features you won’t see anywhere else:

  • Views – Check on the same view (i.e., front door, back office) across all of your locations, for super-fast operational spot checks.
  • Shifts – To facilitate quick reviews of periods, create shifts — predefined time ranges (i.e., opening, lunch rush) to save you the trouble of entering the start and end times each time you review.
  • Library – Clips are saved to your cloud-based library, at full 720p resolution, and retained for a full year.b

MultiSight Video Service: Everything’s included, no Upfront Costs
Up to 12 HD (720p), ultra-low power PoE cameras. Discreet design allows for a variety of installation options.

  • Sealed, fanless and wall-mountable Gateway featuring continuous recording for 15 days, extended recording up to 30 days, and one year of cloud storage.
  • Installation, configuration, and maintenance
  • Mobile App for any iOS Device
  • System health monitoring

Experience the vision of Multisight! Check out the Spotchecker overview video, detailed FAQs, Security White Paper, Technical Documentation, and more!
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