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  • Stylish solutions for daily living

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Each room of your house deserves a customized wiring device.

A few simple ways to make your home smarter and more comfortable

Our homes hold more technology today than ever before, allowing us to enjoy an unprecedented quality of life. Unfortunately, the complexity of our homes is growing, along with power consumption. And despite its convenience, modern technology often lacks aesthetic appeal.

In response to this, Schneider Electric™ has created smart, stylish solutions that offer homeowners enhanced comfort and greater control. Modernity with a personal touch.

Be yourself at home
With several ranges of attractive wiring devices, home décor takes on a whole new dimension. Every room can have customized light switches, dimmers, and outlets that reflect individual tastes.

Each range includes a variety of high-quality electrical fittings for practically every style. Some can even be matched exactly to any décor, using the online Mix & Match tool. All that’s needed is a photo or scan of the pattern, picture, and even drawing.

Convenience and added comfort
Being comfortable at home means not having to worry about the little things, like getting up to adjust the lighting when you’re enjoying the moment. That’s where remote-controlled dimmers and shutters come in handy, putting the perfect ambiance within reach at all times.

Presence detectors provide another kind of convenience. By automatically lighting a room when you enter, they eliminate any fumbling for a switch in the dark and leave your hands free for more important things. Presence detectors save energy too, by turning the lights off automatically after you leave.

Complete home control
For those that want to experience the full potential of the modern home, there’s Wiser™. This is a full home control solution, integrating heating and lighting management into a single, user-friendly solution.

Forgot to turn off the bathroom light? Do it from your phone or office computer. Want to save on bills? Program your home with multi-room heating and appliance management schemes.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Wiser offers a level of comfort and personalization that only comes from complete home control.

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