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    Square D™ Dual Function Circuit Breakers

    Easy Installation to Save Time, Labor, and Cost

    Make your job easier, reduce cost, and meet code – it’s that simple.

Simplify Installation and Reduce Inventory


Whether you need the standard pigtail or the time-saving Plug-on Neutral Square D™ QO™ and Homeline™ Dual Function Circuit Breaker, your installation is sure to be efficient. These innovative circuit breakers combine two state-of-the-art technologies — Combination Arc Fault and Ground Fault (class A) protection — into one easy-to-install device. Square D™ Dual Function circuit breakers give contractors a better solution by reducing cost and eliminating the hassle of using two separate devices to provide critical protection.

Quick Plug-on Neutral Connections

QO Plug-on Neutral (PoN) Load Centers interiors are engineered to accept PoN CAFI circuit breakers for a quick Plug-on Neutral connection on every circuit. Designed for reliability, and a time and labor saving installation, the QO Plug-on Neutral Load Center contains an extended neutral bar that directly connects to the QO Plug-on Neutral CAFI circuit breakers.

Easier Than AFCI Receptacles

AFCI receptacles are harder to install than standard receptacles. Every electrician knows how hard it is to squeeze all that wire into the small outlet box. You can also accidentally break the wire feed, causing rework. Simplify your installation by using a Dual Function circuit breaker, and remove the wiring headache by using standard receptacles.

One Centralized Location

You no longer have to hunt for the tripped GFCI outlet when using Dual Function circuit breakers. Everything is at the load center. Just look for the purple test button.

Advantages of Dual Function Beyond Kitchen and Laundry Circuits

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    No More Long Runs

    Eliminate the need for long runs to catch outdoor GFI receptacles — saving time, reducing labor, and room for errors like nicked wires.

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    Save Time and Money

    Save time, money, and reduce inventory by tying into the adjacent circuits of rooms already required to have AFCI protection.