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Modicon PLC and PAC Documentation and Tool Links

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M171/M172 M221 M241 M251 M262 LMC078 M340 M580 Momentum Premium Quantum

Promotional Video

Introducing the M171 Controller

Modicon M221 - The Small Yet
Powerful Logic Controller

M221 Key Features

Modicon M241 -- The Flexible
Logic Controller

Modicon M251 - The
Communicative Logic Controller

M262 IIoT Ready Controller

Modicon LMC078: The Powerful Motion Controller

Modicon M580 ePAC

Handout / Brochure

M221 Brochure

Modicon Family Brochure

Modicon Family Brochure

Connecting I/O and the Cloud


M340 Brochure

M580 Brochure

Momentum Brochure Modicon Brochure Modicon Brochure

Product Catalog

M171/M172 Catalog

M221 Catalog

M241 Catalog

M251 Catalog

M262 Catalog

LMC078 Catalog

M340 Catalog

M580 Catalog

Momentum Catalog
Quantum Catalog

Selection Guide

Webpage Selection

M221 Product Selector

M241 Product Selector

M251 Product Selector

Webpage Selection

Web Page Selection

M340 Selection Guide

Hardware Guide


M221 Hardware Guide

M241 Hardware Guide

M251 Hardware Guide

M262 Hardware Guide

LMC078 Hardware Guide

M580 Hardware Guide

Momentum Hardware Guide
Quantum Hardware Guide

Programming Guide

Machine Expert HVAC

M221 Programming Guide

M241 Programming Guide

M251 Programming Guide

M262 Programming Guide

LMC078 Programming Guide

Configuration Software

Machine Expert HVAC (free)

EcoStruxure Machine Expert Basic (free)

EcoStruxure Machine Expert

Machine Expert

EcoStruxure Machine Expert


Unity Pro

Unity Pro

Unity Pro Unity Pro Unity Pro

3D Drawings

M171/M172 CAD


Download Center


Download Center


Download Center

Download Center

M340 CAD

Quantum CAD

360 Swivel Shots

Swivel Shots

Swivel Shots

Swivel Shots


MSX Configurator for Windows

MSX Configurator

MSX Configurator

MSX Configurator


Web Page

M171/172 Page

M221 Page

M241 Page

M251 Page

M262 Page

LMC078 Page

M340 Page

M580 Page

Momentum Page Premium Page Quantum Page

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