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Reduce Electrical System Downtime and Improve Operational Efficiency

The award winning Smart Systems is an EcoStruxure™ Power solution from Schneider Electric. It’s a simple, Ethernet-connected solution for understanding where and how your power is being utilized. 

It enables your electrical equipment to communicate data to you in real time, anywhere in the world, with a mobile device or PC. This provides the big picture view, to easily keep track of your building’s electrical system status and energy use.

•  Continuously see the status of all your connected circuit breakers and meters

•  Increase uptime by understanding when preventive maintenance is needed before a costly shutdown occurs

•  Apply across a full range of breakers: 20 A – 6,000 A

•  Reduce energy consumption by knowing exactly where, when and how much of it is being used

•  Retrofit and modernize existing electrical distribution equipment

La Hacienda Tortilleria

I-Line Smart Cells make LaHacienda’s gray boxes talk!
Carlos Yepez tells how Schneider Electric helped him get valuable data from his Square D™ I-Line panelboards, so that his equipment is now Smart Systems enabled.

How Does Smart Systems Work?

Smart Systems provide performance information, circuit breaker status, metering data, contact wear, alerts, and alarms. With an internet connection, this information can be read and addressed anywhere in the world. Smart Systems transforms your Square D™ gray box into a digitized, communicating system that allows you to save money and reduce downtime.

Smart Systems is available in the full line of Square D™ brand low voltage distribution equipment, including low voltage drawout switchgear, switchboards, motor control centers, and I-Line panelboards (with I-Line Smart Cell). Any combination of MasterPact or PowerPact circuit breakers with Micrologic

Who knew those big gray boxes could talk?
With Smart Systems, your equipment can now provide power system data, helping you increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and better manage your energy costs… all from a mobile device or computer, from anywhere in the world.

Square D™ I-Line Power Distribution Panelboards


Square D QED-2 LV Switchboards


QED 6 Switchboards


Model 6 Motor Control Center by Square D™


Square D™ I-Line™ Enable Module


Molded Case Circuit Breakers


Enerlin’X IFE, EIFE, IFM




Power Metering and Energy Monitoring Systems


MasterPacT MTZ Circuit Breakers - UL/ANSI


EcoStruxure™ Building Operation Software


Enerlin’X IFE, EIFE, IFM

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