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    • Operator Performance HMI

      EcoStruxure™ Foxboro DCS

      Operators no longer need to sacrifice their panoramic views of production activities to interact with them digitally.

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  • Overview

    With high-performance EcoStruxure™ Foxboro DCS situational awareness graphics, plant operators receive efficient access to only the information that’s relevant to their workflows. The system’s human machine interface (HMI) delivers personalized, real-time decision support that’s easy on the brain — and the eyes.
  • Features

    • Human-centered design – helping people do their jobs better, not just navigating around a PID loop
    • Visual optimization – designs are easy on the eyes, not awash in a rainbow of color; colors are used only to flag critical metrics and progress
    • Highly interactive – displays and dashboards are easy to navigate and content refines automatically based on user input
    • Custom contextualization – screens are tailored to the decision-support needs of operators, remote technicians, managers and other users
  • Benefits

    • Promotes safer operation
    • Reduces human fatigue and operational error
    • Improves response quality and speed — especially in abnormal situations
    • Provides a consistent training environment
    • Improves operational integrity
  • Applications

    • Refining and petrochemicals
    • Upstream and midstream oil and gas
    • Chemicals and specialty chemicals
    • Power generation
    • Metals, mining and minerals
    • Food and beverage
    • Life sciences and pharmaceuticals