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Triconex Safety View software alerts plant operators to potentially dangerous process changes that may require immediate action. It also alerts operators, maintenance engineers and shift supervisors of the highest priority alarms and flags all safety-critical devices that have been placed in bypass.


Safety applications

  • Replaces traditional hardwired annunciator panels
  • TÜV -certified for the highest levels of integrity 

Performance features

  • Built-in redundancy for maximum availability 


  • Built-in diagnostics and redundancy management — transparent to user
  • Secure access and audit trail
  • Shift change one-time activation


  • ISA18.1 annunciator sequences include (Code M, A, R) 
  • Alarm functions include: enable/disable individual alarms and group alarms, reactivate alarms on shift hand-over, silence alarms, clear first-out alarms, reset alarms in ring back state
  • Bypass functions include: apply and remove bypass tags, add/review notes for bypassed tags, configurable bypass behavior


  • Enhanced operator performance and response to critical conditions
  • Reduced likelihood of an adverse safety event
  • Minimized operator error leading to unscheduled asset time
  • More effective maintenance through improved bypass management


  • Refining and petrochemicals
  • Upstream and midstream oil and gas
  • Chemicals and specialty chemicals
  • Power generation
  • Pharmaceuticals
Tricon CX

Tricon CX

Tricon - SIL 3 safety- instrumented system

Trident - SIL 3 safety- instrumented system

Tri-GP - SIL 2 safety-instrumented system

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