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    EcoStruxure™ Facility Advisor Drives Building Excellence

    Leverage our suite of services, supported by Schneider Electric energy experts, that helps you understand energy data, optimize facilities, identify under-performing sites, and implement new strategies.

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  • The data you need

    With access to EcoStruxure Facility Advisor (formerly known as Facility Insights) services, you optimize your buildings and investment portfolios.

    Make timely and informed decisions to reduce costs and boost building performance. By detecting usage deviations, unlocking energy footprints and benefiting from recommendations backed by Schneider Electric experts, you gain greater insights and efficiency.

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  • Up to 12% savings on operating expenses
  • Up to 15% business continuity
  • Up to 25% savings on your energy bills
  • A global retailer goes green

    Carrefour Egypt is on a sustainability mission. With EcoStruxure™ analytics and services, they gained the visibility and insights needed to cut 7% on its electrical bills across 19 stores.

The insights you crave

With a subscription to EcoStruxure™ Facility Advisor: Energy license, you gain a deeper understanding of the energy usage of single and multi-site buildings, including advanced data analysis, alerts and reports to hidden building insights.
  • Cloud-based software

    Manage energy consumption & production, benchmark all your sites with a designated web portal.

  • Deep analytics

    Detect abnormalities to make data-based decision.

  • Performance reports

    Examine all events in performance reports and review synthesized analyses.

  • Expert Support

    Receive recommendations and action plans included in your performance reports.

Smart services and building excellence

Building efficiency reaches new levels with EcoStruxure Facility Advisor. Download our leaflet and learn how to leverage deep analytics and expert services to reach building excellence.
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  • Gain insight into buildings' energy footprint

    Achieve measurable energy savings by optimizing building performance based on pertinent data, including electricity intensity map, baseload and building signature analysis.

  • Optimize the performance of buildings

    Monitor energy consumption and production, benchmark all your sites through your web portal and receive alerts to detect deviations and avoid penalties. Grow your expertise with the advanced analytics and insights from Schneider Electric expert support.

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Be a trusted energy advisor

Get insights on energy consumption and equipment usage to develop new business opportunities by enhancing building performance.

Services to enhance your energy efficiency

  • Access essential data to manage your sites

    Strengthen your insights into the energy performance of buildings and entire campuses. Detect energy deviation, monitor production and consumption, set targets to avoid penalties, and visualize tendencies. Benchmark sites to focus on poor performers first and compare with local energy scales. Allocate costs and demonstrate commitment to green initiatives with our energy kiosk option.
  • Unlock your full energy footprint

    Strengthen your expertise with access to analytics – including baseload level with threshold calculation and building signature correlation to outside air temperature – to identify energy usage based on open/closed hours and over/under consumption days. Monitor energy consumption, detect abnormalities and be alerted to take action before it leads to extra expenses.
  • Make expert energy recommendations

    Strengthen your decisions with data from your performance reports. Bi-annually, examine recaps of all event and review synthesized analyses. Gain peace of mind knowing your services are backed by Schneider Electric experts delivering informed decisions to meet your objectives.
Facility Expert and Facility Advisor

Choose the right subscription for you

EcoStruxure Facility Advisor offers a range of cloud software and services that adapt to your needs. Visit GoDigital marketplace to purchase today!

EcoStruxure Facility Advisor: Energy

With EcoStruxure Facility Advisor: Energy, unlock a building's energy footprint while improving business continuity, occupant comfort, and reducing your operations costs.

EcoStruxure Facility Advisor - Energy Features
Energy consumption and cost monitoring: main, usage, zone, and meter
Energy production monitoring
Power demand and power factor monitoring
Alerts for over-target energy consumption, power demand and low power factor
Multi-site comparisons, consumption aggregation
Energy site performance vs. standards
Monthly scorecards
Normalization factors: surface, degree days, open/closed period, customs
Abnormal consumption detection and alerts: baseload and building signature
Performance reports: analyses, recommendations, and action plans (semi-annual)
Service advisor access
Energy kiosk Optional

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  • Leverage new business opportunities

    With Facility Expert, optimize operational efficiency and expand your offering with preventative maintenance or enhanced energy services.

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  • Unleash your business growth potential

    EcoXpert is an award-winning leader of excellence in partner programs, enabling partners to grow their business by becoming the trusted implementation arm of our EcoStruxure™ architecture and platform.

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