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    EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert for Service Providers

    Cloud software and services that help you deliver more value to your customers. Monitor energy information, optimize field operations, ensure business continuity and more.

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  • More service for your customers

    EcoStruxure Facility Expert helps you optimize your operational efficiency and expand your business with preventative maintenance and enhanced energy services. Deliver even more value with EcoStruxure Facility Advisor to analyze equipment performance and energy consumption thanks to advanced analytics and access to expert service advisors. These solutions can empower you to use your skills, set up your own business strategy and offer a full range of services to your customers.

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From smart services to building excellence

  • Up to 8% savings on operating expenses
  • Up to 10% business continuity for your customers
  • Up to 5% energy bill savings for your costumers
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Stay connected. Improve efficiency.

EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert for service providers provides access to your customers’ buildings to help you troubleshoot faster than ever and deliver operational cost savings of up to 8 percent.

Maximize the efficiency of your operations

Manage your customers’ facilities by connecting to their buildings and to your team via smartphone or tablet. Routine maintenance is easier and troubleshooting is faster, making your operations more reliable, efficient and cost-effective. By improving the efficiency of your operations – and your whole team – you can reduce your operations costs.
  • Speed access to your asset information

    Digital logbook creation ensures the availability and sharing of the project lifecycle documentation including single-line diagrams, maintenance plans and more.

  • Offer easy preventative maintenance

    Stay ahead of downtime by offering preventative maintenance. Address issues ahead of time, every time, thanks to: long-term maintenance schedules, convenient reminders and planning capabilities, and access to historical equipment data.

  • Boost the efficiency of your teams

    Expert support and user-friendly interfaces enable quicker analysis and problem-solving on site, while remote alerts and automatically generated event logs keep you and your customers up to date.

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Power up maintenance. Expand offerings.

EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert for service providers provides access to your customers’ buildings to help you troubleshoot faster than ever and improve uptime by up to 10 percent.

Expand your maintenance offers

Stay ahead of competition by offering SLA contracts on all types of equipment, electrical assets or HVAC devices. Fulfill your contracts, reduce equipment failures and monitor customers' equipment and trending data remotely so you can anticipate and plan maintenance tasks from your smartphone. With EcoStruxure Facility Expert, no one knows buildings like you.
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    Make repairs faster Take control of your team's day-to-day activity. EcoStruxure Facility Expert provides everything you need to optimize your service calls when responding to issues and prove to your customer that the job is completed to regulatory compliance.

    -Identify equipment status at a glance
    -Access problems based on detailed information
    -Scan the QR code for easy access to equipment information
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    Offer service level agreements Differentiate your business by using Facility Expert. Get alerts when issues arise and analyze problems with actionable data wherever you are. Decide to go on site, assign a task to a field technician, or postpone intervention to your next maintenance visit. Anticipate the maintenance needs of all or only key assets to avoid failure and meet your SLAs.

    Your team and your customers gain peace of mind with:
    - Alerts directly sent to your mobile
    - On-the-spot decision-making tools
    - Ongoing access to live updates
  • Schedule a preventative maintenance task Program EcoStruxure Facility Expert to remind you and your team of all maintenance tasks with your own detailed notes and action items.
  • Execute asset maintenance Access your maintenance tasks in EcoStruxure Facility Expert and log completion details with additional notes for future reference.
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How building management gets a boost from the power of IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening up opportunities in all sorts of areas, including in facility operations. A case in point is tools for managing smaller buildings. Read more
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Go beyond operations. Enhance energy reporting.

EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert for service providers provides your customers with a detailed picture of their energy consumption and delivers energy savings of up to 5 percent.

Enhanced energy monitoring

When your operations become more reliable, efficient and cost-effective, you can differentiate your business from the competition by offering enhanced energy services. With remote notifications, detailed dashboards and reports, site benchmarking, the ability to track energy consumption, and more, EcoStruxure Facility Expert lets you move beyond troubleshooting to offer your customers enhanced energy services.
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    Provide visibility on energy consumption Energy monitoring is not just for large buildings anymore. EcoStruxure Facility Expert provides views over cost and performance to enhance building efficiency with a set of simple and relevant graphs and charts.

    You can:
    - Track energy consumption in detail: per usage, zone and meter
    - Identify deviations and peak contributors
    - Set targets and be alerted as soon as they are exceeded
    - Benchmark buildings with local performance scale (A to I) and standards (ISO50001 – LEEDs - NABERS)
    - Let your customers demonstrate their firms’ commitment to green initiatives in their lobbies with the Energy Kiosk option
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    Express recommendations Gain insights and step up to the energy consulting business by ensuring your customers make the most of EcoStruxure capabilities.

    EcoStruxure Facility Expert provides:
    - Multi-site comparison capabilities to offer you a high-level view of your customers’ buildings’ consumption
    - Power demand and power factor monitoring to avoid utility penalties
    - Accurate cost simulation and budget allocation features to improve your customers’ energy purchases by comparing different tariff proposals
  • Fix failure of an asset Discover how EcoStruxure Facility Expert can minimize the time needed to fix equipment failures at your customers’ buildings.
  • Share a site with your team Configure EcoStruxure Facility Expert to coordinate supervision among your team to ensure uptime of your customers’ building equipment.
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Take a closer look

Cloud-based software and access to continuous performance data to optimize your facility operations, maintenance and energy management. Download the brochure
  • As simple as 1, 2, 3 Configure an asset

    Watch this video to see how asset configuration is easy and fast with EcoStruxure Facility Expert.

  • As simple as 1, 2, 3 Configure a building

    Watch this video to see how easy it is to create a building or site profile with EcoStruxure Facility Expert.

  • As simple as 1, 2, 3 Configure additional data

    Watch this video to see how configuration of additional data is simple with EcoStruxure Facility Expert.

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    EcoStruxure Facility Expert offers a range of cloud software that adapts to your needs. Receive customized access to Schneider Electric tools, resources and support.
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