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    Energy Procurement: Buy Energy Smarter

    Navigate complex global energy markets to mitigate the risk of energy cost volatility and negotiate better contracts.

Energy procurement delivers optimal pricing and risk mitigation

Energy procurement is the process of coordinating energy supplier bids to get (secure) the most favorable terms on the purchase of electricity, natural gas, renewables, and other energy sources.

Our energy procurement consulting services can identify energy buying strategies across every facility in your organization. We compare energy rates and tariffs to ensure you’re not over-paying for your energy and that you find other buying opportunities in real-time. In addition, you can mitigate risk with our energy forecasting tools that assess where the market is headed and recommend the best course of action.

Our energy procurement consulting services rely on sophisticated analytics and monitoring by an international team of professionals to build a comprehensive approach that looks at both supply-side and demand-side opportunities.

Address your energy procurement challenges today

  • Achieve energy savings

    • Capture attractive market pricing 
    • Encourage energy supplier competition 
    • Negotiate best energy contract terms 
    • Recover energy invoice errors
  • Control operating costs

    • Anticipate market threats and opportunities 
    • Maintain costs within budget threshold 
    • Protect your position in global commodity markets 
    • Forecast energy budgets accurately
  • Monitor energy purchasing performance

    • Modify your energy portfolio in near real-time 
    • Know your financial goals are easily audited 
    • Visualize portfolio value and risk exposure 
    • Plan with site-level and enterprise-wide budgets

Explore more energy procurement resources and perspectives

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With energy and data flowing, today’s energy market is evolving faster than ever. There’s more to your utility bills than you might realize. If you want to achieve energy savings, you must manage your energy complexity and prepare for the future. Find out where the hidden costs are in your bills.

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  • Uncovering creative energy savings Discover an approach to energy procurement that is aligned fully with your specific strategic goals.
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    4 steps to mitigate energy risk Proactive energy and commodity risk management can help limit organizations’ exposure to energy market volatility. This e-book looks at 4 strategies successful companies employ. Download the e-book
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    Your energy budget checklist Our handy budget checklist looks at 8 components to consider when you’re ready to forecast your energy budget. Download checklist

Achieve more energy and sustainability success

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