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    Performance Contracting

    Fund Your Goals

    $400,000 in annual energy savings can be leveraged over 20 years to create $8 million in revenue. What will you do with your savings?

Put hidden revenue to work

Our cost-effective solutions help you manage risk and capture every opportunity, allowing you to redirect resources to your core purpose. We guide you through key issues impacting your community or school, and maximize the return on your capital investments. 

Our expertise is focused on helping you uncover hidden revenue that can be used to:

  • • Generate more funds for capital improvements
  • • Minimize overall debt impact
  • • Identify opportunities for operational and infrastructure efficiencies

Benefit from energy saving projects – guaranteed

Our turnkey delivery method enables you to make the most of your dollars. With our flexible funding options and performance guarantee, you can use energy savings to pay for capital improvements over a 5 to 20 year period and it’s risk-free. In the unlikely event you don’t achieve the guaranteed savings, we’ll pay the difference.

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An easier way to fund your big ambitions

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    Alternative funding solutions get you from planning to results faster and easier.

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    Energy and infrastructure upgrades can be budget-neutral or even budget-positive, and don’t impact your debt load.

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    Fixed firm pricing means you can count on no change orders — ever.

We deliver value, no matter how you fund your project

In the event you don’t need financing, you can still benefit from our expertise as a design/build contractor to ensure one-source accountability and expert project management from design to construction to execution. We can utilize available bond dollars, deferred maintenance budget or any capital dollars to modernize your infrastructure and achieve your goals.
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Discover innovative funding solutions

Hear first-hand from our clients and our experts how to develop an innovative, long-term funding plan for your local government, college or school district.

We have proven expertise in helping public entities secure funding. We will partner closely with you and handle the details of obtaining financing, grants, rebates and incentives to maximize all funding sources available.

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    Overcoming debt limits Are debt caps and bond regulations hindering your ability to maintain public facilities? Learn how to use innovative funding solutions to address your budget gaps. > Read case study
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    Combining funding sources to do more Does your state or utility have funding for energy efficiency or infrastructure modernization? See how mixing and matching funding sources can help increase your project scope. > View case study
  • Modernize infrastructure without raising taxes

    Judge Jenkins discusses the benefits of a comprehensive energy efficiency project, resulting in a 35% reduction in utility costs for Dallas County.

Put our economies of scale to work for you

As a global leader in energy management, we have the experience and financial strength to stand behind 10- to 20-year performance guarantees.

  • 660+ Successful U.S. client projects
  • $1.8 Billion Client energy & operational savings
  • 100 Years Global energy experience

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