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    Performance Contracting

    Improve Your Sustainability

    Nearly 80% of Americans are in favor of sustainable communities1. Discover the hidden benefits.

    1 Ford Foundation

Make the business case for sustainability

“Sustainability” may conjure thoughts of recycling, reusable cloth bags and big piles of compost. But for many public entities, the word has much more to do with improved efficiency and a better bottom line. Schools and local governments are adopting sustainability initiatives to satisfy government mandates and public pressures — and becoming more competitive in today's economy.
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    Local Governments

    Government entities practicing sustainability outperform their peers in areas such as job growth and tax revenue. Is your community ready to compete for new residents and businesses as the public demand for sustainability grows?

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    Schools & Universities

    Educational institutions committed to sustainability are not only saving energy, but also meeting a budding demand from a new generation of citizens. In fact, more than 60 percent of students said a college’s commitment to the environment would impact their decision to choose a school. (Princeton Review Survey for more than 10,000 college applicants)

  • Bust the top 5 myths about sustainability

    We're busting myths about sustainability for local governments and schools. This eBook explores the latest trends and highlights case studies that show the huge impact sustainability can have on your community's performance.

    Top 5 myths:

    1. 1. There is no demand for sustainability
    2. 2. Sustainability does not make business sense
    3. 3. Sustainability is all about being green
    4. 4. Sustainability is too expensive
    5. 5. The impacts of sustainability are limited

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Discover the additional benefits of sustainability

Making your local government or school more energy efficient and environmentally aware isn’t just good for the planet. It also helps drive economic development and growth.

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    Sustainability boosts competitive advantage This city thinks big to enhance sustainability, reduce operating costs and make itself more competitive for tourism and economic development. > Read case study
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    Sustainability attracts students At this community college, sustainability is a calling card to help attract students and provide hands-on learning for a new generation of citizens who must compete in the new energy economy. > Read case study

Unleash an economic development package that’s good for the environment

Energy and sustainability projects are a win-win for community development. Your project will impact local job creation, business sales — and the environment.


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