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    Performance Contracting

    Modernize Your Infrastructure

    America’s public infrastructure gets a “D” rating and needs an investment of $3.6 trillion by 20201. What's your plan?

Put new solutions to work for you

Count on our 100 years of energy management experience to improve the efficiency and functionality of your infrastructure.

Progressive leaders nationwide are leveraging operational and energy savings to fund infrastructure improvements. Modern infrastructure can make cities and schools more appealing to citizens and companies. However, cutting-edge building systems and technologies are often costly and difficult to retrofit, making infrastructure modernization out of reach for many public organizations.

Buildings are an essential asset and running them at optimal efficiency is in the best interest of every school and local government. A $10 million budget to pay for the cost of maintenance and utilities over its lifecycle. When those costs get deferred, it reduces the lifecycle of the buildings and makes them more expensive to operate.

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Schools and communities take on infrastructure management

Energy savings are just one of the benefits of updating outdated infrastructure. Learn how public entities nationwide achieved their goals — and the rewards they reaped.

  • Are you sitting on an asset?

    Performance contracting is so much more than lighting and HVAC upgrades. Learn how to transform utility bills from a liability to an asset that funds improvements to infrastructure, economic development - and your reputation.

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School districts find cure for deferred maintenance

Learn how to reinvest time and money to address deferred maintenance, improve safety and enhance the learning environment.
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