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    Critical Facility Operations

    Partner with the experts to improve operational efficiency, reduce cost, and maximize uptime of your critical facility and IT infrastructure.

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Critical Facility Operations (CFO)

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    Critical Facility Operations for Gray Space

    CFO for Gray Space* provides the right people, processes, and innovative technologies, backed by industry best practices and decades of experience, to operate your mission critical facility efficiently and cost effectively.

    *Gray Space is the critical infrastructure that keeps the data center up and running. It includes electrical distribution, switchgear, UPS, transformers, chillers and generators.

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    Critical Facility Operations for White Space

    CFO for White Space* provides the people, processes and innovative technology for deployment, change management, and system administration of your IT assets, as well as controlled access to the white space. Optional services include Data Center Infrastructure Engineering, Smart Hands and Rack & Stack.

    *White Space refers to the area where the IT infrastructure is located and supported. It includes racks, servers, mainframes, network infrastructure, data storage, power and cooling distribution.


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    Digitized, software-driven processes reduce risk of human error, improve efficiency, enable right-sizing of staff and increase transparency.
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    Fast deployment of highly trained facilities and IT staff to your site addresses HR challenges due to industry skills shortage.
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    Ensures consistency from site to site, with shared expertise and knowledge of best practices from operating an ecosystem of data centers around the globe.
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    Industry-leading change management program with site/equipment-specific operating procedures and detailed change control processes.
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    Continuous optimization to compensate for changing site conditions and business needs.
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    Lower TCO through more efficient vendor management, optimized maintenance plan, right-sized staff, optimal asset deployment, and DCIM driven hardware planning.

Critical Facility Operations for Gray Space includes:

  • Emergency Preparedness and Response

    Scenario planning, emergency procedures and drills, business continuity and crisis management planning
  • Preventative, Predictive and Corrective Maintenance

    Self-performance and/or vendor management of all critical equipment maintenance events
  • Change Management

    Risk analysis, procedure development and change control processes for all operations and maintenance activities on or around the critical facility equipment
  • Document Control and Management

    Coordination of document generation and updates, management of document version control, organization and storage
  • Technical Training

    Four-level program tailored to each customer and facility for knowledge/skills development, evaluation and certification
  • Operational Safety

    Hazard analysis and mitigation, training, policy coordination, and facility safety management
  • Facility Monitoring

    Continuous observation of facility status with scheduled walk-throughs, BMS/EPMS console monitoring and system alerts
  • Systems Optimization

    Continuous efforts to measure system performance, adjust parameters for optimal performance, and identify innovative solutions for operational and cost improvements
  • Operational Support Systems

    Specialized IT systems for Critical Facility Management, such as Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), Electronic Document Management System (EDMS), and Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Code and Regulatory Compliance

    Current knowledge and understanding of the regulations, certifications, and documentation associated with regulatory requirements pertaining to all facility activities and systems
  • Management Reporting

    Daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly reports on facility events, maintenance activities, system capacity, KPI performance and financial metrics

Critical Facility Operations for White Space includes:

  • Data Center Infrastructure Engineering

    Strategic IT hardware capacity planning, power and cooling optimization, monitoring day to day operations
  • Smart Hands

    Receive and mount hardware, operating system installation, configuration and updates, power and cabling provisioning
  • Rack & Stack

    Technical assistance to remote customer system administrators, visual verification of faults, equipment inventory, walkthroughs, vendor escorts and tours
  • Customer Story Critical Facility Operations enables growth for China Unicom

    China Unicom trusted Schneider Electric’s critical facility operation services to operate one of the largest data centers in Asia.

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Essential Elements of Data Center Operations e-book

Get the e-guide to learn more about the elements of a balanced critical facility management program. Practical tips and advice throughout result in many benefits for your organization, from lower cost to improved availability. Download and read today. Download the e-guide

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