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Low voltage retrofill solutions

Features a Masterpact cradle and circuit breaker, along with a new racking mechanism and primary and secondary connections in each switchgear cell. Existing cells are modified to accept the new cradle and circuit breaker, including a custom-engineered connection between the cradle and the switchgear line and load side bus. Custom designs are available for any manufacturer’s low voltage switchgear.

Medium voltage retrofill solutions

This solution upgrades switchgear by installing a new medium-voltage circuit breaker and cell into an existing line-up. Necessary modifications – including an all-new racking mechanism, primary and secondary disconnects, and customized connections – are made to the existing cell. Available designs include: 

  • Air-magnetic to vacuum or SF6
  • Air-blast to vacuum or SF6
  • OCB switchgear to vacuum or SF6 switchgear
  • Convert stationary circuit breaker to draw-out, or obsolete air circuit breaker to vacuum or SF6

Medium Voltage Retrofill

Modify your existing medium voltage switchgear and improve reliability. Learn how our MV retrofill solution works and the benefits of upgrading!

Low Voltage Retrofill

Over 150+ designs available, upgrading your current switchgear is easier than you think. Learn how our retrofill solution can help improve reliability and save costs!

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