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    Solutions to help reduce outages, lower costs, increase energy efficiency, and extend equipment life

    Substation Maintenance, Repair and Upgrade Services

  • Solutions

    > Predictive Maintenance
    • Infrared thermography and continuous thermal monitoring
    • Corona camera with continuous partial discharge monitoring
    • Acoustic surveys, vibration analysis, and scheduled inspections
    • Samples and analysis: oil and SF6

    > Preventive/Corrective Maintenance
    • Regularly scheduled maintenance, shutdowns, inspection programs, and multiyear contracts
    • Protective relaying and calibration services
      » Available on all types: electromechanical, solid state, and microprocessor based
    • Transformer oil purification
    • Substation yard maintenance
    • Busway repair: feeder, non-segregated
    • Air switch repairs

    > Disaster Recovery
    • Flood damage assessment and repair
      » Trained specialists in water-damaged systems will assess equipment and advise options to repair, recondition, or replace
    • Supply and install replacement equipment
    • Provide temporary power
      » Generator rentals and hookup

    • > SF6 Gas Management Program
    • Covers the life cycle of SF6-filled switchgear or equipment, from installation to disposal
      » Supply SF6 gas
      » Documentation and inventory control

    • > Turnarounds and Shutdowns
      • Provide/install temporary lighting and power
      • Extensive turnaround experience; ability to mobilize crews from 1-50+ field service representatives

      > Upgrade Solutions
      • Switchgear modernization
        » Magnum™ replacement MV circuit breakers
        » Retrofit cells to accept modern circuit breakers
        » Replace SF6 equipment
        » CT/PT replacement
        » Add new vertical sections
        » Replace old or damaged wiring
      • Protective relays
        » Rewire cubicles for new relaying
        » Install new cut-outs and cubicle fronts
        » Point-to-point wiring and loop checks
        » Add new wiring for communications
        » Connect relays into DCS or SCADA
      • Grounding systems
        » Ground grids
        » Ground detection packages
        » Ground fault protection relaying
      • Oil circuit breakers
        » Install/replace/relocate/reconnect
        » Replace with SF6 or vacuum circuit breakers
      • Bus work additions or modifications
      • Cables (MV and HV)
        » Install new or replacement cables in conduit, cable tray, or overhead
  • Value Proposition

    Schneider Electric Services: Your trusted single point of contact for all of your substation needs.
  • Differentiation

    Any brand. Any industry. Any time.
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