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    Medium Voltage Direct Replacement Circuit Breakers For GE Applications

GE PowerVAC Direct Replacement Circuit Breakers

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General Electric PowerVAC direct replacement is designed specifically for interoperability with existing GE circuit breakers. The Square D Magnum™ circuit breaker is built with new components and tested to comply with highly-regarded ANSI standards. The circuit breakers interface with the existing circuit breaker compartment components and maintain safety interlocks present in the original equipment design. The solution requires little modification of the existing cell’s interior and the designs of the direct replacement are available to directly roll into the existing cell, making Square D Magnum™ circuit breaker the optimal direct replacement solution for GE’s VB and VB1 circuit breakers.

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  • Benefits:

    • Reduced costs for switchgear upgrades
        – New Square D™ VR Drawout circuit breakers are installed in existing switchgear
        – Original footprint is left intact, saving time and money
        – Installation expense is a fraction of new equipment costs

    • Less down time for installation
        – Rolls into the existing cell with little modifications
        – Installation overseen by trained service personnel

    • Enhanced equipment reliability
        – Manufactured with new components
        – Undergoes complete factory testing
        – Backed by our standard equipment warranty

    • Reduced maintenance and operating costs
        – New, easy-to-maintain operating mechanism
        – No bulky arc chutes to handle and maintain
        – Reduced need for difficult to obtain spare parts
  • Features:

    • Continuous Current:    1200A, 2000A, 3000A 
    • Voltage Class:             5kV-15kV 
    • 3-Phase MVA:             250MVA-1000MVA 
    • Withstand test:            25kA-50kA